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East Bohemia

An endless meadow at morning sunrise will absorb you with its tenderness, and if you succeed to see both white and black horses of Kladruby, boisterously running around, your senses will be stunned over all the grateful beauty. East Bohemia is a region full of amazing traditions, crafts that smell like honey and cinnamon and unique folklore open-air museums.

Krkonoše and Podkrkonoší, cradle of skiing in Bohemia, will astonish you with majestic mountains, large meadows sprinkled with tiny flowers, rocky ridges and you will be touched by small tender valleys full of timber houses. And if you see the lace of Vamberk from Hradecko, get your senses ready for such an endless awe. Only in East Bohemia you can experience such captivating traditions on such ravishing natural background.

Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!

Traditional regions East Bohemia

What is a traditional region ?
Traditional region is approximately circumscribed territory with similar traditions and geography.

České Horácko Region

Wild bustle of masks, musicians, dancers and captivating smell of traditional pig-slaughter delicacies in Hlinecko will enchant your senses that much, that festivities of spring will become your...

Českomoravské Pomezí Region

Two natives, two composers, two towns – Litomyšl and Polička. Let yourself be dragged into an atmosphere of then household of Smetana's family. The birthplace of Bedřich Smetana is unique...

Pardubicko Region

As soon as you can smell a cinnamon and honey, don't hesitate. The festival of Gingerbread in Pardubice has just began and you can tease your senses with this unique delicacy, that is said to...

Hradecko Region

Let yourself be enchanted with a Czech rarity – all wooden mechanical nativity scene, following a tradition of nativity scene making in Hradecko. Mechanical Christmas crib had been created by...

Kladské Pomezí a Broumovsko Region

Follow a trail of unhappy Viktorka, a grandma and her beloved Barunka, countess Hortensie and everyone else, who create beauty of untraditional novella called Babička (The Grandma) by famous author...

Krkonoše and Podkrkonoší Region

Majestic mountains, large meadows sprinkled with tiny flowers, rocky ridges and small tender valleys full of timber houses... Immerse yourself in roar of waterfalls or mysterious silence of small...

Orlické hory a Podorlicko Region

In romantic timbered cottages, in the heart of Orlické hory, a tradition of Vamberk lace has lived for centuries. Crossing and tying of free threads, reeled on wooden bobbins, is precise and...

You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.
You can taste traditional culinary specialities and specialities of Czech cuisine in restaurants Czech Specials:
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  • Restaurace U Zběhlíka, Čistá
  • Bar-restaurant Atlanta, Hradec Králové
  • Hostinec U Hubálků, Kostelec nad Orlicí
  • Hotel U Beránka, Náchod
  • Harmony Club Hotel, Špindlerův Mlýn
  • Potrefená husa, Pardubice
  • Hospoda Na Vejměnku, uprostřed skanzenu Veselý Kopec
  • Restaurace Rybárna, Pardubice
  • Ubytovací restaurant „Hospoda u sv. Huberta“, Hlinsko
  • Horský hotel Friesovy boudy, Strážné
  • Hotel Nová Amerika, Jaroměř
  • Hotel Panorama, Rychnov nad Kněžnou
  • Restaurant Kaskáda, Hradec Králové
  • Pivovárek Na Kopečku, Svitavy
  • Restaurace Karlov, Litomyšl
  • Lázně Velichovky, Velichovky
  • Penzion U Zvonu, Rychnov nad Kněžnou
  • Penzion Na Faře, Dubenec
  • Hotel Děvín, Pec pod Sněžkou
  • Hotel Hořec, Pec pod Sněžkou
  • Restaurace U Bulánka, Batňovice
  • Restaurace Pivovar Faltus, Česká Třebová
  • Hotel Nová Amerika, Jaroměř
  • Hotel Zlatá Hvězda, Litomyšl
  • Hotel Aplaus Restaurant Bohém, Litomyšl
  • Penzion za vodou, Dvůr Králové nad Labem
  • Hotel Horizont, Pec pod Sněžkou
  • Hotel Hvězda, Pec pod Sněžkou
  • Hotel Idol, Dolní Mísečky
  • Hotel Jelínek, Špindlerův Mlýn
  • Hotel Krokus, Pec pod Sněžkou
  • Hotel Praha, Špindlerův Mlýn
  • Kladenka, Pec pod Sněžkou 313
  • Orea Vital Hotel Sklář – Bella Vista Restaurant, Harrachov 520
  • Pension & restaurace Zelený mlýn, Žacléř
  • Penzion a buřtárna U Pěti buků, Trutnov
  • Restaurace Kulinář, Špindlerův Mlýn
  • Restaurant Panorama, Špindlerův Mlýn
  • Savoy Royal Hotel, Špindlerův Mlýn
  • Skiresort hotel Omnia, Janské Lázně
  • Špindlerovská Hospoda, Špindlerův Mlýn
  • US Richtrovy boudy, Pec pod Sněžkou

Krkonošské kyselo (Tradititonal soup in Krkonoše)

„With the soup, day started and with the soup, day ended,“ Basis is bread yeast, best from rye flour. Sourdough is mixed with water and result must be smooth. Soup is prepared preferably of mushroom broth (mushroom will remain in the soup), to which the sourdough is poured and then flavored with fried diced onion, or alternatively caraway. Into richer soup, eggs scrambled on butter are added before serving, eventually also whipping cream.

Pumprnikl served with tea

Gingerbread making used to be typical for Hradecko, and Pumrnikl served with tea is favorite local delicacy.


Old time meal, in past served on Christmas table. It was believed, that small yellow millet grains would bring a lot of money to its consumers next year.


Name for bramboráky (potato pancakes) prepared mainly in area Náchodsko.

Železnohorský lager

Beer made in microbrewery in Žlebské Chvalovice.

Cheeses Čedar, Eidam and mayonnaise products

Company Agricol is engaged in eggs and milk processing. Was founded in 1992 and resides in Polička. Milk is gathered to modern operation from many places of Českomoravská highlands and foothills of Orlické hory.


Excelent garlic soup.


Potato pancakes filled with curds, sprinkled with sugar.

Cheese Niva

Made in municipality Dolní Přím with long tradition in cheese production since 1879. Manufacturing of Cheese Niva started in Dolní Přím in 1950.

Hladká Ančka soup

Traditional soup from Krkonoše. When preparing, we need mainly fresh mushrooms. Before serving, potatoes boiled in peel are prepared on the dish with hard-boiled eggs.

Jam sauce

Recipe prepared of jam or dried plums, boiled in water to mash. Important ingredient is also cinnamon, lemon peel and lemon juice. For stronger taste a tablespoon of rum can be added. If the sauce is too thick, we can add smoked beef broth.

Beer Rambousek

Popular microbrewery, known also with their original recipes with addition of ingredients untraditional for beer production, as figs, chestnut honey, chili peppers, pumpkin or different varieties of both Czech and foreign malt.

Pavlišovský schnitzel

Popular traditional speciality, which can lovers of fine meal order in local restaurants. It is classical schintzel served with sauerkraut and bread dumplings.

Brewery Polička

Building of a town brewery in Polička was builded in 1865. Origin of the beer brand Polička itself dates back to 1517. It is said, that beer of brewery Polička has a beneficial effect on human fantasy. Among the main brands of Polička beer belong Hradební light 10°, Otakar 11°, Záviš 12°.

Jabkancová pouť in Česká Třebová

Festival traditionally held in November, where you can buy traditional local meal jabkance.

Beer Primátor

Beer was awarded as the best beer in 2013 in British competition World Beer Awards.

Frolíkova káva v Borohrádku

Six varieties of coffee mixture, special Christmas coffee every year. Petr Frolík has already been making his own coffee for 20 years, for which people from the whole country nowadays come to Borohrádek in Rychnovsko. His coffee can't be bought neither in supermarkets nor supermarket chains. Ingredients are imported from plantations all over the world, especially Central and South America, Asia and Africa. Mr.Frolík was awarded with several prizes for his coffee, both in ČR and abroad.


Regional type of bramboráky (potato pancakes), we can meet at Krkonoše's festivals and fairs. Its specific is, that they are baked dry without grease, and after baking they are spread with melted butter.

Fizzy drink Primátor

Fizzy drinks of six flavors are made of quality water coming from national nature reserve Adršpašsko-teplické hory in protected landscape area Broumovsko.

Beer Opat, Broumov

Traditional strong taste of Czech beer. At present, the brewery brews special unfiltered yeast beer, and also herb beer. Brewery was founded in 1348. Brewery museum in the complex is open for groups of visitors.

Trips in region East Bohemia

Way of craft traditions (via fabrilis)

Leading from Vrchlabí to Boleslavec in Poland. On the marked trail, there is eight stoppings on the Czech side of Krkonoše and six on the Polish side. The trail connects significant and interesting...

Way of stone

Backbone route, which goes through the whole area of Podkrkonoší and present this territory as an area rich with stone monuments.

Nativity scene making

Visit unique Museum of Cribs in Třebechovice pod Orebem and enjoy fair before Christmas.

Following traditions and crafts trail

Get acquainted with art of traditional Czech craftsmen in Museum of Crafts Letohrad, visit exhibition of fragile beauty of Vamberk lace in Museum of lace Vamberk and Glass workshops in Deštný.

In country of Grandma of Božena Němcová – book by famous author

Take a walk in Babiččino údolí (Grandma's valley) and visit Staré bělidlo, house of Božena Němcová and Museum of Božena Němcová in Česká Skalice. You will discover well-known places from the...

Following horses trail

Horse racing and horse breeding have a big tradition in this region. Come and watch traditional steeplechase Velká Pardubická at a racetrack in Pardubice and visit Kladruby to see, how horses in a...

Folk architecture and living traditions of České Horácko

Take a look at a unique complex of folk buildings Vysočina and according to season of the year visit Adámek's folk festivities, Folklore festival Chrudim's Obžínky or watch unique carnival...

Following Czech music trail

Visit a birthplace of Bedřich Smetana in Litomyšl, participate in some of the concerts of musical festival Smetana's Litomyšl (castle areal is recorded in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List...

Map of Czech traditions