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What is the fragrance of inspiration in Prague like?

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The sunset over the Vltava river, full of tender views and thrilling dominant features, will store inside you a silent awe. Let your senses surrender to a beauty of Prague vineyards, vanished Podskalí and unique ethnographical museums.

Taste traditional culinary specialities during stirring celebrations in Prague and after this, all you need is a little wooden table, chair, irresistible smell of coffee and undisturbed atmosphere, that used to inspire both Czech and world big names. Follow Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein of Václav Havel's trail and enjoy the unrepeatable moments in Secession and Cubistic architectonic gems.

Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!
You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.
You can taste traditional culinary specialities and specialities of Czech cuisine in restaurants Czech Specials:
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  • Andělská křídla, Praha 10
  • Apostila, Praha
  • Aquapalace Hotel, Praha – Čestlice
  • Bohemica Old Town Bar and Restaurant, Praha 1
  • Cafe & Restaurant Theatro, Praha 8
  • Gate restaurant, Praha 8
  • GolfYacht, Praha
  • Harry's restaurant, Praha
  • Hlučná Samota, Praha 2
  • Hotel Chateau St. Havel, Praha 4
  • Hotel Constans – Restaurace Aristo, Praha 1
  • Hotel Grand Majestic Plaza, Praha 1
  • Hotel Julian – Restaurace Julian, Praha 5
  • Hotel Golf – hotelová restaurace, Praha 5
  • Hotel Pyramida – Restaurant Koppernik, Praha 6
  • Klášterní pivovar Strahov a restaurace Svatý Norbert, Praha
  • Kulaťák, Praha
  • Lifestyle Hotel, Praha 4
  • Modrý Beránek, Praha 8
  • Novoměstský pivovar, Praha 1
  • Penzion JaS, Praha 6
  • Plzeňská restaurace Anděl, Praha
  • Plzeňský restaurant Kamera, Praha
  • Potrefená husa, Nové Město
  • Potrefená husa Albertov, Praha 2
  • Potrefená husa Bohnice, Praha 8
  • Potrefená husa Dejvice, Praha 6
  • Potrefená husa Hybernská, Praha 1
  • Potrefená husa Na Verandách, Praha
  • Potrefená husa na Vinohradech, Praha 3
  • Potrefená husa Pankrác, Praha
  • Potrefená husa Platnéřská, Praha
  • Potrefená husa Praha – Holešovice, Praha 7
  • Potrefená husa Sportovka Spořilov, Praha 4 Spořilov
  • Potrefená husa Zlatý Anděl, Praha 5
  • Pražský most u Valšů, Praha 1
  • RBG Bar & Grill, Praha 2
  • Restaurace Bobová dráha, Praha 9
  • Restaurace Budvarka, Praha 6
  • Restaurace Čertousy, Praha 9 – Horní Počernice
  • Restaurace Chodovská tvrz, Praha 4
  • Restaurace Léta Páně, Praha 9
  • Restaurace Mlsnej kocour, Praha 2
  • Restaurace Monarch, Praha
  • Restaurace Na kopečku, Praha 4 – Michle
  • Restaurace Peklo, Hradčany
  • Restaurace Perpetuum, Praha 6 – Bubeneč
  • Restaurace Port 62, Praha 4
  • Restaurace Sezóna, Praha 9
  • Restaurace U Fleků, Praha 1
  • Restaurace U Karlova mostu, Praha 1
  • Restaurace Vltava, Praha 1
  • Restaurant Budweiser Budvar, Praha 6 – Ruzyně
  • Restaurant Café Sv.Václava, Praha 1
  • Restaurant & Garden Platina, Praha 1
  • Restaurant Můstek, Praha 1
  • Rezidence U černého orla, Praha 1
  • Švejk restaurant Malostranská pivnice, Praha 1
  • Švejk restaurant Praha Staré město, Praha 1
  • Švejk restaurant U Karla, Praha 10 – Uhříněves
  • Švejk restaurant U Karla, Praha 1
  • Švejk restaurant U Zeleného stromu, Praha 1
  • Tetu Brissy, Praha 10 – Benice
  • U Básníka pánve, Praha 2
  • U Dominikána, Praha 1
  • Výtopna, Praha
  • Zlatý důl restaurant, Praha 5

Obložený chlebíček (Open sandwich)

In the beginning of 20th century, on the impulse of a family friend painter Jan rytíř Skramlík, who wasn't satisfied with at that time as a snack served canapé, a delicatessen maker Jan Paukert from Prague introduced on the market open sandwiches approximately same, as we know them these days. With such open sandwich of a size between a canapé and a garnished slice of bread, he was satisfied, just as customers of the delicacy shop, where these products were in no time to be bought. The original size was little smaller than it is today  („two or three bites“), but within following two years bigger size proved to be more successful and in this shape they are made till these days.

Brewery in Prague

Homemade beer has been brewed in Prague for more than 500 years. The greatest attraction of microbreweries is a fusion of fine cuisine with excellent beer, which is brewed according to classical production process, respecting centuries old traditions. People can relish variously flavoured and specially fermented beers, which supplement the traditional beer menu, in many microbreweries in the Prague territory. Presently there are 22 microbreweries in Prague and its neighbourhood.

The best-known Prague microbreweries: St.Vojtěch brewery of monastery

Brewery is situated in Baroque building of former stables. Next to classical light legar, there are many special varieties of beer brewed, using different malts and hops. Monastery beers are sold under Březnovský Benedict brand. A sale of a bottle beer, produced in monastery brewery, started in the monastery gateway in October 2013.

The best-known Prague microbreweries: Pivovarský dům Praha (Brewery House Prague)

Pivovarský dům Praha (Brewery House Prague) went into knowledge with its beer experiments, as a coffee beer or a sour cherry beer. However, the most favourite beer is a local both light and dark legar Štěpán.

The best-known Prague microbreweries: Pražský most u Valšů (Prague Bridge u Valšů)

Pražský most u Valšů (Prague Bridge u Valšů) offers an opportunity to order a beer evening with the brew master, who show guests around the microbrewery and put an interpretation on the technology of the production of the local beer. The main product of the brewery is Pražský most 12°.

The best-known Prague microbreweries: Brewery of monastery Strahov

Brewery of monastery Strahov offers a sightseeing in the brewery and a tasting of beer special St. Norbert.

The best-known Prague microbreweries: Microbrewery U Fleků

Home-made beer has been brewed here since 1499 already. The brewery is the only brewery in the central Europe, where the beer has been brewed without an interruption for more than five centuries. The brewery U Fleků has started to brew dark 13° lager according to Bavaria method in 1843.

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