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How does wine taste in glass of North Bohemia?

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North Bohemia

Rough, fruitful and also romantic – all these attributes belong to North Bohemia and its traditional regions. You will discover a romantic area of Bohemian Paradise and Pojizeří Region, where precious stones shine in the underground, and a hundred years old tradition of the jewellery manufacturing. The rough beauty of both Jizerské hory and Lužické hory (mountains), where local glassmakers has created a fragile beauty of the glass and jewellery since the old times, will astonish you.

In the northeast, let your senses be carried away by the varied landscape including the unique area of sandstone crags and typical semi-timbered architecture, and also a border mountain chain of Ore mountains with its a hundred years old mining tradition. Towards the centre of the Bohemia, enjoy fruitful Žatecko and Mělnicko regions, renowned both for a hop plant and grape vine cultivation. Right here you can find links to the ancient settlement and legends about arrival of first Slavic, inseparably connected with a Říp Mountain. Let yourself be attracted with a captivating beauty of North Bohemia.

Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!

Traditional regions North Bohemia

What is a traditional region ?
Traditional region is approximately circumscribed territory with similar traditions and geography.

Jizerské Mountains and Podještědí Region

The famous traditional craft began with the cut beads and jewellery stones manufacturing, and these days a fame of the jewellery of Jablonec is world known. The present manufacturing in Jablonec...

Bohemian Paradise and Pojizeří Region

Bohemian Paradise and Pojizeří is a romantic region, where a variety of natural beauties engage with a rich history. However, it was the Middle Ages that brought it a fame – the golden fever,...

Bohemian Switzerland

Fusion of two cultures living next to each other – Czech and German – brought a Czech architectonic rarity, so-called semi-timbered house, into being. Beautiful wooden buildings, that...

Českolipsko Region

The glassmaking tradition in Lužické Mountains started in the 13th already, and counts. A manufactory for hand cut mirrors was founded by Kinský on his own expenses in the 18th century and set a...

České středohoří and Podřipsko Region

Wine-growing area with a tradition reaching to the 11st century, whose initiators has always been a monk of religious orders. The best known cellars in Litoměřice are those monastery one's, and...

Dolní Poohří Region

Rich region, inhabited by Slavics in the 6th century already, excels in growing of the hop plant, corn and wine. The tradition and fame of the hops and brewery from Žatec has followed this region...

Krušné hory and Podkrušnohoří Region

Local tradition of ore mining is mirrored also in names of municipalities as Cínovec (cín=tin) or Měděnec(měď=copper). Metallurgy, ore and tin mining had belonged to the traditional living hood for...

Traditions in region North Bohemia

Colourful treasures in the underground

A mining of the ore containing copper, tin, silver, lead and iron, belongs to this country since forever. Later also a mining of the cobalt, nickel and tungsten followed. In the course of centuries...

Cultivated plant growing fragments

Geranium and peach bouquet, a colour of the Czech garnet - that is just a fraction of characteristics for delicious wines with a tradition, based on sun, soil and a thorough craft of the local wine...

Fairy-tale houses with a tradition

Semi-timbered houses
Decorated windows, door and gables talk about love the owners felt towards their houses. The semi-timbered house evolved from a combination of both Slavic and middle German types of houses. It used...

Fiery shine of a small stone

The Kozákov Mountain used to be a volcano, then a beach, and then a furious volcano again, and since then, Bohemian Paradise is connected with a little red stone – the garnet. A gem, shining...

Fragile design rarities

Jewellery and glass
In the 18th century, count Kinský founded at his own expenses a manufactory for the mirror production, that were beautiful and luxuriously executed to such extent, that he managed to supply the...

Glistering magic of the glass

Jewellery and glass
A glistering beauty of the jewellery from Jablonec can surely awake your senses. The craft tradition, polished by both by generations and increasing demands of customers, brought a fame of Czech...
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You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.
You can taste traditional culinary specialities and specialities of Czech cuisine in restaurants Czech Specials:
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Fruit soups

As the slivovitz, apple spirit or pear spirit, soups were made of fresh, boiled to mash, or dried fruit, milk with stirred flour was added, and boiled potatoes were usually served as a side dish.

Vysocké zelí (sauerkraut from Vysokoé nad Jizerou)

Renowned variety of a head cabbage from Vysoké nad Jizerou and a border area between the Krkonoše and Jizerské Hory Mountains. Significant characteristic of the Vysocké red cabbage is pointed head and big fragility. The cabbage is very sensitive to damage, and that's why must be treated very carefully. Its main quality is an excellent taste. Red sauerkraut contains great amount of C vitamins, pro vitamin A, and big amount of iron, selenium and lots of vitamin B12. No water is added into sauerkraut, so that the juice during the fermentation process comes only from the cabbage.

Krušnohorská bramboračka (potato soup)

Potato soup with boiled potatoes and thyme.

Děčínská Jeřabinka (rowansberry spirit)

Regional product of a company Valdemar Grešík, located in Děčín. Berries of rowan tree, traditionally used in natural healing, are used to process this spirit. The spirit is popular for its beneficial digestion effect and as a remedy for colds. The Děčínská jeřabinka is recognizable for its unmistakeable zesty taste. Besides, no sugar is added.

Podřipský kaldoun (soup)

Yummy soup thickened with butter roux.

Žatec beer

A winner of the International Beer Festival. Brewery in Žatec follows a tradition of Czech beer production of the light legar type in the same way, as this technology was stabilized in the second half of the 19th century.

Chmelový ležák (Hops legar)

Brewed according to a traditional Czech recipe, with full bready taste and high bitterness. It is brewed in the microbrewery U Orloje, which is a part of the Chrám chmele a piva (Hop and Beer Temple). There are beer ingredients displayed, and the beer is brewed right in front of visitors eyes.

Modrý vole s procesím (dumplings from Podřipsko Region)

Very old meal similar to dumplings.

Falkenštejn beer

Has been brewed in a newly opened Křinický brewery in Krásná Lípa since 2013. With an opening of the Křinice brewery in a former citizens house at the Křinice square, a tradition of the brewery in the Krásná Lípa town was restored after many decades.

Teplické spa wafers

Sold in several forms: as wafers with sprinkled or cream filling, or as triangles.

Frncochaté knedlíky (dmplings)

Dumplings spilled with melted butter with stewed cabbage.

Cácorka (sauerkraut soup)

Soup of sauerkraut prepared with separately served and boiled potatoes.


Mushrooms baked with diced onion.

Vysocké bobky (Vysocké pastry)

Traditional regional pastry, reminding gingerbread with its taste.

Elderberry soup

Soup from the Ore Mountains, of elderberry flowers, flavoured with a drop of wine, apple or raisins.

Brewery Kocour – Varnsdorf

According to employes of the brewery Kocour (Tomcat), a beer can be drunk either according to a season, or to a mood. That's why this brewery has many beer specials in their assortment, from strong legars to various top fermented beers like wizen, stout, suasion and pale.

Home-made fruit wines from the wine trail in Litoměřice

Fruit growing and manufacturing of homemade spirits and wines belong in a long term among traditional gastro specialities in Litoměřicko.

Račetická onion

Renowned for its quality. The onion was awarded with the Best Regional Product of the whole region title in 2010. Locals from Račetice started to call it, for its indispensability in the kitchen, cibule kuchyňská (the kitchen onion). The agriculture company of Mr. Josef Ryšavý in Račetice has been already devoted to the onion growing for three generations.

Bílinská kyselka (mineral water)

The Ústí nad Labem area is famous for its spa destinations and mineral waters. Recently, the unique Bílinská kyselka (acidulous water) goes through its revival, and same way a revitalization of the whole complex of the local mineral water bottling plant takes place.

Češovská pálenka (spirit from Češov)

Local spirit renowned for both a quality and a processing with modern technologies. Made of various types of fruit – cherries, sour cherries, pears, grapes and currants.


Grated potatoes baked with meat and parsley.

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