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Central Bohemia

Deep down in the earth used to be hidden treasures, which make human souls ring till today. the wealth of dark tunnels of Kutná Hora's hides a secret of power of the Czech kingdom – Prager Groschen (coin) – whose fame was carried through the middle ages, and Mělník's sunny slopes, with scattered vine yards, give a unique taste and bouquet to its grapes.

Experience unforgettable moments in a region, where a phenomenon of Czech tramping was born in valleys of Sázava, Vltava and Berounka rivers, and where Czech composers of genius Antonín Dvořák and Jan Jakub Ryba found an endless inspiration for their masterpieces.

Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!

Traditions in region Central Bohemia

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You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.
You can taste traditional culinary specialities and specialities of Czech cuisine in restaurants Czech Specials:
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  • Hotel a Švejk restaurant U Zeleného stromu, Nepomuk
  • Chateau Mcely, Mcely
  • Hotel S.E.N., Senohraby
  • Čertův potok, Roztoky u Prahy
  • Švejk restaurant Dělnický dům Kladno, Kladno
  • Motorest Naháč, Chocerady
  • Hostinec Melicharka, Brandýs nad Labem
  • Penzion Roubenka 1791, Kokořín
  • Seminární hotel Akademie Naháč, Chocerady
  • Švejk restaurant U Zimů, Benešov
  • Restaurace-Galerie-Truhlárna, Kokořín
  • Hotel Opat – restaurace Mincovna, Kutná Hora
  • Zámecká restaurace Vlašim, Vlašim
  • Pivnice Dačický, Kutná Hora
  • Pivovar a restaurace Vítek z Prčice, Sedlec-Prčice
  • Restaurace sv. Václav, Mělník
  • Vinárna restaurace Pobuda, Kokořín
  • Zájezdní hostinec Černokosteleckého pivováru, Kostelec nad Černými lesy
  • Zámecká restaurace, Mělník
  • Zámek Liblice, Byšice

Kladenská uhlířina

Typical mining meal made for example of potatoes, dumplings, cabbage or meat.


Yeast – raised buns filled with sugar beet, from Kolínsko.


Fermented long-lasting salami, characteristic with soft taste and slightly spicy aroma. Made by butcher's U Dolejších, which follows more than a century old family tradition of butcher's in Davle.

Beer Sedm kulí

Made of quality Czech ingredients, with addition of herb mixture, which add peerless aroma and taste. Brewery Ferdinand, located in Benešov, was founded in 1897 by archduke František Ferdinand d‘Este.

Chlumecká delicacy

Specifically prepared pork leg, matured without feed in a mixture of herbs with salt, with lard overlap about 1 cm. Typical for its unique taste, like smoked. Made in Vysoký Chlumec at Sedlčany.


Cream soup with potatoes, from Kouřimsko.

Mead from Karlštějn

The most widespread fermented drink in the then Czech kingdom territory till the king Karel 4. period.

Mead from Lužensko

Made of fermented fine bee honey from woods of Křivoklátsko.

Sýrová koleda

Fried „cheese eggs“.

Beer of Postřižiny

Writer Bohumil Hrabal, who lived here between 1919-1947, gave the brewery its name. Brewing in Nymburk have held its tradition dating from the reign of Jan Lucemburský in the 14th century.

Mšecko ciders

Several types of delicious alcohol-free drinks, clean apple cider and ciders with added pear cider, carrot juice or beet juice.

Herb mixtures from Křivoklátsko

They are mixed of herbs growing in a protected landscape area Křivoklátsko.

Milovické viržínko s paprikou (traditional meal)

Heat processed long-keeping meat product with pleasant, slightly savoury taste of ground paprika. Made of pork and beef meat. Smoked on beech wood, which gives it soft smoky aroma.

Rožďalovský rohový cake

Manually braided, from no raised dough. With five filling: curds, poppy seed, apples, jam and nuts. Richly sprinkled with streusel on the top.

Berounsko Vočepák

Traditional delicacy cake from Berounsko, big, from both sides spread cake. Most often, spread with powidl, sprinkled with poppy sees and decorated with almonds and raisins. Used to be a part of every proper farmer wedding.

Beer Berounský medvěd

Yeast, unfiltered beer. Local tradition of brewing is approximately 550 years old. Followed by married couple Mayer, which founded home microbrewery in Beroun in 1998.

Poddžbánsko brewery

Microbrewery situated in the Křivoklátsko area, around 50km from Prague, in municipality Mutějovice. Focused on production of handcrafted beer, which is unfiltered and unpasteurised. For production of Poddžbánsko beer, Czech malt of Pilsen type is used for light beer, and Munich malt, caramel, for dark beer.

Brewery Matuška

Located near Křivoklát in municipality Broumy. Brewery was founded in 2009, precisely at Easter Monday. With its production and size, is classified as a microbrewery. Beer of brewery Matuška can take pride in attribute handcraft, because is brewed traditionally without filtration and pasteurisation.

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