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Stirring East Bohemia traditions

Once in a year, a quiet February morning in Hamry, Studnice, Blatná and Vortová change into wild bustle of masks, musicians and dancers. „Přetni kobyle žílu,“ (Sever mare's vein) resounds in villages and death, as a symbol of the end of the winter, hands the reign over to the spring. You can't smell the blossoming trees yet, but the captivating smell of Hlinecko's pig slaughter delicacies is everywhere. Cooked pig's head, liverwurst, kaszankas baked till their colour is golden, and pig slaughter goulash full of delicacies from local farmers are ready for feast.

You will take a great liking in the stirring atmosphere of several centuries old Shrovetide procession (Masopust), which is rightly included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can find a unique exhibition of Shrovetide procession of Hlinecko in a permanent exhibition in Betlém.

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