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  • Zvuky tradičního pastevectví na Valašsku
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Moravia and Silesia

The biggest and most colourful region of the Czech Republic is Moravia and Silesia. The Horácko Region in Vysočina connects Moravia with Bohemia. South Moravia represents mainly beautiful vineyards, magical wine cellars and delicious wine of vine area Moravia. Also a ravishing folklore, joined with the viniculture, and celebrations that remains still alive, have their own unique importance.

Towards the east is situated one of the biggest and the liveliest ethnographic areas – Slovácko Region, and also distinctive Valašsko Region. From the renowned wine and softest cookie, your appetite continue towards a region of the strength and tradition of slivovitz and fine Valašské frgály (cakes). Tender and soft dancer steps, that eventually transform the dance into endless stream of energy full of jumps up to sky, will introduce you to the legendary and by the UNESCO protected men’s dance Verbuňk and no less famous dance Valašský odzemek. And if you succeed to see a boy, riding silently through a village with a rose in his mouth, know, that you just met a so-called king.

There is a rich and with tradition unbelievably plentiful area Haná in the centre of Moravia, that is famous for its local opulent folk costumes, dialect and also an exquisite cuisine. The Jeseníky Spa in the north of the Moravia is famous thanks to local native Vincenc Priessnitz, world known healer and founder of hydrotherapy. Take a walk with a cup in your hand and with your eyes open for all the beauties of lonely mountains.

Northern Moravia is not only an area of Ostrava's industrial heritage, but also a cradle of many well known products and manufactures like the Tatra cars, hats from Nový Jičín, pipe organs from Krnov or a sweet pleasure of Štramberk ears. Let yourself be carried away with unique wealth of Moravia and Silesia!

Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!

Traditions in region Moravia and Silesia

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You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.
You can taste traditional culinary specialities and specialities of Czech cuisine in restaurants Czech Specials:
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  • Výtopna, Brno
  • Restaurace u Kašny, Rajhrad u Brna
  • Restaurace Dobrá Chvíle, Neslovice

Vánoční kelnická kyselica (Christmas soup)

Traditional recipe from woodlands of Luhačovice. Mushroom soup served during Christmas. Dried durance (variety of plum) and whipping cream are added. When cooked, soup is kept in a cold place for a day and served the next day.


Yeast – raised cookies filled with flavoured carrot. Baked on the occasion of fair called Mrkvancová.


Sprouted pea, roasted on stove in both sweet and salty way.

Slezské království nebeské (kingdom of heaven)

Cooked from mixture of dry fruits, lean smoked pork belly, cinnamon and lemon. Served with bread dumplings or yeast- raised dumplings.

Halečky přelité šimlenou

Silesia (also black) dumplings, poured with plum sauce.


Goose with „blue“ cabbage.

Štramberské ears

Gingerbread pastry with honey and a secret mixture of spices. The recipe is protected and the product can be only sold by those inhabitants of Štramberk, who own a license. Among the producers there is a dispute, whether the„ears“ poured into a form, or the „ears“ rolled, are the best.

Hornická svačinka (Miner's snack)

The real, „black“ miner's snack, is made of bread, grilled sausage, liver pâté, blood sausage and bacon, completed with dark beer „Deputatbier“ and miner's spirit „Kumpeltod“.

Valašské frgály (cookies)

Traditional and perhaps the most famous valašská speciality. In Valašsko Region, these big cakes are known rather as „vdolky“, „pecáky“ or „laty“. Frgál used to be a name for spoilt cookies. These huge cakes usually fill the whole baking tin. In past such a cake filled a family of several members. Base of frgály is their very thin dough, which is spread with jam made of dried pears. Pears get mature in autumn, and that's why we should think about frgále's preparation that time already. Another important ingredient is butter, to which small amount of rum is added for a better taste. In near future, valašské frgále will obtain a trademark by Europen Union. This way the traditional cake gains so-called Protected Geographical Indication, which is one of the several ways of European protection of food.


Soup, known also as bigus, made half of sweet cabbage and half of sauerkraut. On the sliced onion, pork meat is fried, eventually piece of smoked meat or cabbage, dried mushrooms, salt, pepper, paprika and sometimes tomato juice are added. Soup thickenes with addition of flour and is left to stew.

Znojemská pečeně/omáčka

This traditional recipe was recorded in 1831 already. The base of this meal are sliced pickled gherkins. Served with bread dumplings or rice and slices of fine roast beef.

Kočičí marš

Boiled beans with diced boiled potatoes, greased with lard and cracklings.


Potato pancakes sprinkled with poppy seed.

Olomoucké tvarůžky(mature cheese)

Traditional and unique meal, you can truly enjoy with all your senses. The scent, softness for touch, strong taste, beautiful colour and your loud smack during first bite, again and again... Those are mature cheeses from Olomouc. So much connected with milk and a village home, both in ingredients and the method of processing, that it may never be possible to exactly date a moment, when they appeared on menu for the first time. In Loštice, olomoucké tvarůžky have already been produced since 1876. European Comission appreciated their significant qualities by granting the Protected Geographical Indication in August 2010. In the place of the original factory, the Museum of A.W. Olomoucke tvaruzky was opened in the summer of 1994. A part of the exhibition is a tasting, enjoy it with all your senses.

Sausage from Konice

Made according to a traditional recipe and hardwood smoked. The producer is a small butcher’s of Lubomír Šmíd, who makes traditional pig slaughter specialities according to old family recipes. Founded in 1993.


Traditional draught beer: Medium, Lager, beer special Baron Trenck and unique special Zelené beer (Green beer – draught on Green Thursday) and Modrá Kometa (Blue Comet). Beginnings of the brewery probably date back to 14th century. Nowadays it has a privilege position in Southern Moravia. The brewery has been located in Staré Brno for almost 140 years, and although it is a modern brewery, traditional methods are being maintained, with innovations and modern technologies added.


Base of this meal is lots of vegetables, garlic, potatoes, roux.

Valašská kyselica

The most important ingredient of this soup is fine sauerkraut. The right soup couldn't also be cooked without potatoes, diced sausage and caraway. Sour cream is optional and not necessary for quality soup. Finally we can finish the soup by adding lemon, pepper or, surprisingly, also sugar.

Miner's cutlet

Modest delicassy – slice of bread spread with butter, lard or cheese spread and sprinkled with sliced onion.

Freudova neřest

Chocolate cigars „Freud's Vice“ were launched on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sigmund Freud, a significant native of Příbor, who loved cigars. Candied fruit is saused in pepper or chilli spices and covered with chocolate in the shape of cigars, result is not too hot, just a little spicy with tobbaco taste. And why Freud's Vice? Freud was a passionate cigar smoker and didn't stop, even while he was diagnosed with cancer, that became a reason for his death.

Příborská šifle

Ancient honey pastry with 25% of honey. Baked according to preserved recipe from the beginning of last century, rectangle shaped, with indicated parts made for later splitting. Neither too thick nor too thin, they just melt on your tongue... And what is the reason for its name? „Šífy“ – in other words, rafts. Local šífaři – rafters, were taking this honey delicacy to their work.

Brotsuppa with roasted bacon

Bread soup with bacon.

Jeřabinový likér (rowansberry luqior)

Made of specially grown varitey of rowansberry „Moravský sladkoplodý (sweet berry)“.

Loštická česnečka (garlic soup)

Sliced onion is roasted with bacon, water is added, then diced potatoes, caraway, salt and all is cooked until it is soft. Flavoured with pepper, marjoram and garlic. Poured in bowls, cut tvarůžky are added into each portion. Finally shortly baked in preheated oven.

Podhorácké mládě

Yeast- raised cake.

Hrách z kysela

Pea as a mash with grouts (peas and grouts) or plums.

Lázeňské oplatky (spa wafers)

Spa wafers are inseparably connected with the Luhačovice spa. They are traditionally made of two round wafers, joined with sweet topping. The original spa wafers were an idea of a German family, living in Karlovy Vary in the 19th century. Later the tradition of spa wafers production spread to other Czech spa destinations, and today they are considered to be a symbol of Czech spa. Czech spa wafers producers strive in a long term for their product was accepted by European Union as traditional Czech trademark.

Křehotiny (křupance)

Sweet pastry.

Tvarůžkové lívanečky(small pancakes)

Thick batter is made of flour, eggs and milk, that is poured into a frying pan, round of sliced cheese are added and all is covered with another layer of batter. Small pancakes are baked until their colour is golden and are served with blueberries or another fruit of your choice and whipped cream.

Potato pancakes with jam and walnuts

Made of potatoes, flour, butter and oil. Pancakes are made of boiled potatoes, that are baked, and spread with jam. Then winded and wrapped in mixture of sugar and walnuts.

Šurimajzl with smoked pork belly

Mixture of beans and groats with cracklings and cabbage.

Příborská freudovka

Around 1980, there was a liqueur company in Příbor, producing bitter liqueurs. One of the old recipes was preserved and nowadays is back on the market under brand „Příborská freudovka“. Freudovka, because according to oral tradition one of the first tasters was old Jákob Freud. This spirit is mixed from macerate of 10 herbs mixture, water, fine refined alcohol and refined sugar.

Miner's goulash

Beef goulash served with onion, eventually marjoram or hot pepper. As a side dish, sliced bread or traditional bread dumplings can be served.

Valašská ščedračka

Valašsko traditional Christmas’s soup. For its preparation we need pea, which was immersed in cold water during night and boiled the next day. Other important ingredient is buckwheat that is infused with boiling water, strained and then added to pot to the boiled pea. Then we add potatoes, carrot, mushrooms and plums.


Thick soup of cooked plums, with addition of flour and whipping cream, sugar and sometimes cinnamon. Žymjoki or chlyp were served with bryja. In Dolní Lomná, there was a difference between bryja, that was made of apples and pears, and šlivula, that was made of plums only. Soup could be served either warm or cold.


Sliced bread was only infused with boiling water and greased. This soup was usually prepared with bread, sometimes also with potatoes.

Valašské škračky

Also called „varmuža“ in Valašsko, it is a meal full of energy, based on mash of semolina and milk, thickened with eggs and completed with fried bacon.

Ostravská fazolačka aka bean soup in miner's way

Bone broth or water is added to boiled beans and all is cooked until softening. Half an hour before finishing, whole piece of cinnamon is added, which is carefully removed later. Soup can be flavoured with vinegar, salted, then whipping cream is added and all is cooked thoroughly. Before serving, soup can be softened with whipped yolk.

Salty potato doughnuts

Small rounds are cut out of yeast – raised potato dough, that are filled with salami, onion and (roasted without a grease) garlic filling. Winded, they are baked shortly in the oven on baking tin and then fried in oil.

Roast beef on ginger

Beef was larded with speck and thoroughly sprinkled with pepper, salt and grated ginger. Then baked and stewed in the oven, till it softened. Home made noodles and salads were served as side dish.

Poštulkovy tvarůžkové pastry

Pastry made of selfmade puff pastry, piškotové (made of flour,sugar and eggs, egg whites are whipped) or potato dough, froth of tvarůžky or olomoucké tvarůžky itself, decorated with apple jam, grated gingerbread, cranberries or nuts.

Dalešické pivo

Brewed according to an old brewery law. Brewery in Dalešice was probably founded by the end of the 16th century. The oldest parts of today's complex of buildings come from the Early baroque era, that is 17th century.

Hanácké hertepláky (potato pancakes)

One day earlier, potatoes are cooked with peel on until they soften. The next day they are peeled and finely grated. Then mixed with flour and salt and dough, not too sticky, neither too thick nor too thin, is made. On a baking board, spreader with flour, thin pancakes are rolled and then baked without grease from both sides on the cast – iron part of gas stove. They are greased with butter, when they are still warm, sprinkled with poppy seed mixed with grounded sugar, greased with butter again and winded as pancakes. Then they are given into a pot in layers, each of them greased with butter again, and kept in warmth. Can be filled with jam or mixed with jam and poppy seed.

Staroměstská máslová trubička (old town butter small sweet tube)

Small tubes made of puff pastry, filled with whipped egg whites and delivered in 3 sizes. During the entire time of producing, the tube has maintained its specific taste and quality. Uniqueness and good name of this product is preserved by trademark.

Hlučínsko cookies

Yeast-raised cookies filled with poppy seed, jam or curds filling, decorated with sprinkling.


Excelent meal of buckwheat, potatoes and pork belly. Buckwheat and potatoes are boiled, sliced bacon, onion and garlic are fried on the baking tin. After some time we add also diced pork belly. Then the mixture is roasted, buckwheat and marjoram are added and salted. Potatoes are added, everything is put to a bowl and baked for 5-10 minutes. In Valašsko, kontrabaš is served with sauerkraut, coming usually from home yields.

Gałuški aka dumplings of grated potatoes

Served with sauerkraut and greased with cracklings. Made merely from raw potatoes.


Large pig intestines filled with mixture of finely grated potatoes. These were infused with hot milk and garlic, salt, pepper, marjoram, caraway were added, eventually some half soft rice, and richly greased with lard. Intestines were filled with this mixture, laid on bruftaň and baked.

Slivovice (slivovitz)

Base of this spirit is fine fruit with high content of natural sugar, without a sign of rottening. Well-matured fruit used to be stored in solely wooden barrels, and was kept fermenting for 6-8 weeks. The fermentation time depends on a temperature, sugar content and amount of fruit in a barrel. The fermented fruit is boiled („burnt“) at temperature up to 100 °C, when only alcohol evaporates and the essence, that could become a cause of unwanted smell in the final product, remains in the ferment. The distillate spirit has, in dependence on initial sugar content in the ferment and condition after the fermentation is finished, approximately 60–80 % of alcohol. In this state the taste of fruit will not manifest. It is ideal to dilute the spirit down to 50–51%, when the drink is delicious and scented.

Teplické pecáky

Cookies spreaded with curds, pear, poppy seed, nut and jam filling. Speciality is curd filling, which is not spread like the others, but is given inside the cake.


Traditional Valašsko Region alcoholic drink, based on a juniper distillate. Borovička is very popular especially during cold autumn and winter months, when its taste and juniper aroma have warming effect.


Pancakes of potato dough baked in the oven on the leaf of cabbage.


Potato dough with rice and cracklings baked on baking tin in the oven.

Slezská vařonka

Warm, very sweet liqueur. There are many varieties of this drink – místecká vařonka, ostravská vařonka, frenštátská vařonka, wedding vařonka, fire men's and others. The main difference is in the spirit, which is the main part of the drink. It will beautifully warm its consumer, and that is why is prepared mainly during cold months. Light caramel is prepared from sugar, stirred constantly, and honey is added. All is mixed with water, spices and cooked together. This aromatic liquid is strained through a cloth, vodka is added and it’s warmed again. Finally, teaspoon of butter or fine lard is added into each cup.

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Products as much different as Tatra cars, original top ceramics, tiles, cast iron art and enamel or leather goods, have their common ground. That is a skill and creativity of people from Lašsko...

Wooden buildings of Lašsko Region

The oldest monuments of a folk culture of Lašsko are mostly made of wood, because entire Lašsko was really abundant in wood. Whole villages were built of wood in Lašsko, even wooden churches...

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Lower Vítkovice area is an absolutely rare, both technically and technologically flawless complex of industrial buildings from the first half of the 19th century. In autumn 2002, it was proclaimed...

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Luhačovice is a town with an architecture strongly influenced by the Slovakian architect and ethnographer Dušan Jurkovič. In the beginning of the 20th century, he decided to create an entirely...

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