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South Bohemia

A wandering mist is searching a hideout in one of the hundred ponds and morning dawn slowly invites into a new day. This is the landscape of Třeboňsko and Českobudějovicko Region. The land full of poetic ponds, hides Holašovice - an unique and intact complex of baroque houses dating to half of the 19th century, that is deservedly included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mountains Šumava and its foothills will charm you with tones of traditional bagpipes and a perfect craftsmanship of Šumava glassmakers, lumberjacks and timber rafters, who navigated wood from Šumava through Southern Bohemia to Prague. Let your senses flow on the waves of the charming countryside and captivating bagpipe music.

Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!

Traditions in region South Bohemia

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You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.
You can taste traditional culinary specialities and specialities of Czech cuisine in restaurants Czech Specials:
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Táborská bašta (grub)

Typical dish of restaurants and pubs in Táborsko Region. It's a combination of two types of dumplings, two types of meat, red pepper sausage and sauerkraut.

Koláč Ušák (Cake)

It was baked on the occasion of a fair or a wake and has been made by some families in Doudleby till today. We talk about a cake made out of yeast-raised dough, spread with jam, poppy and curds, decorated with almonds, nuts and raisins.

Vočepák (wedding cake)

Big wedding cake made of yeast-raised dough had a ceremonial purpose. The tradition has survived rather apart in family backgrounds. The symbolism of the cake has a pagan roots and is connected with fertility and prosperity.

Hnětýnka (small cake)

Little cake made of whipped dough 15cm average, which has still been baked in the Písek and Strakonice regions. Hnětýnka, full of sugar, butter and eggs, is tipped out after cooling down, glazed by white sugar, eventually chocolate frosting, and then decorated with sugar pipings – small flowers, wreaths, doves etc.

Šterc (potato cake)

Meal, which is only known to our grandmothers nowadays. Made of potatoes, whole-meal flour, salt, milk and butter. The amount of each we have to guess intuitively.  Potatoes are boiled skin-on, then peeled and grated on rough grater, then salt is added, and as much flour as needed to create crumb and non-stick dough. Well-worked dough is spread over baking tin greased with butter and is put into the oven.   When baked, the dough is moved to a smaller fryer, spilled with melted butter and milk and fried on the cooking range. It's served with milk or buttermilk.

Zelňáky (cabbage pancakes)

These pancakes are yummy, soft, acid a bit, flavoured with diced cracklings, caraway and red pepper. They are slightly hot, with delicious savour, and refreshing.

Bramborka (potato cake)

Yeast - rised potato salty cake poured in baking tin. Bases are yeast, grated raw potatoes, and cracklings or sliced smoked meat. Garlic, caraway, poppy seed and marjoram are used as basic spices in Bramborka.

Carp from Třeboňsko (carp with pedigree)

The meat of Třeboňsko carp is significant by its high quality, low percentage of fat and an unique taste. The specific quality of the meat is a result of breeding in quality clean water, natural and geographical conditions of Třeboňsko basin and the way of breeding, based on mainly natural food of carps.

Jihočeská kulajda (South bohemian Kulajda)

Cream soup with potatoes, dill and boiled egg.

Bramborové lupínky (Bohemia Chips)

Their manufacturing started in 1982 thanks to cooperation of the national concern Zelenina and the agriculture co-operative Zeus in the south bohemian Choustník. A product of western style immediately became a premium hit. Nowadays there has been processed up to 60 000 potatoes a year in the factory in Choustník. Four kinds of chips are manufactured there.

Sýr Jihočeská niva (South bohemian cheese lea)

All current makers in ČR as a well-established term use Niva. However, only two brands, Jihočeská niva (South bohemian lea) and Jihočeská zlatá niva (South bohemian golden lea) have the EU trademark. The name Niva (Lea) was used, because the blue-green colour of the cheese reminds a fructuous lea.

Štěkenské koláčky (cookies)

They are baked according to old time-proven recipe, and spread with various fillings, for example curds, poppy seed, jam, nut and other in accordance with the client wish.

Šumavské bramborové zelníky (filled dumplings of potato dough)

Štečky or dumplings made of potato dough filled with sauerkraut and bacon.

Kapr po blatensku (Carp in blatenska way)

Carp precoated in the mixture of flour and red pepper.

Plánský perník (Gingerbread)

Production of traditional gingerbread in accordance with original prescriptions, preservatives free.

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