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12Open-air museum Zubrnice

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The newest open-air museum in Bohemia. Its foundation is an old historical village in the tip of the hills at České Středohoří. For museum purposes, the most valuable building of the municipality centre and its surroundings are used, continuously supplemented with small transferable objects. A complex of the timbered agriculture homestead, with both the interior and exterior exhibitions including a rare hot-air drying room for fruit, is open to the public. Next there is an exposition of the village school, old shop and a church with regular exhibitions. There is a transferred Baroque well in the centre of the village square, and nearby down the village is a small railway station with a Museum of railway. Not far away, up the stream, is a small timbered water mill situated. Many events are held in the open-air museum during a year: from carnival processions, traditional Easter, maypole building and fairs to an event Podzim na vsi (Autumn in the village), whose goal is to show an autumn agriculture work on the field and in the homestead.