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How to savour beer of West Bohemia?

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West Bohemia

Western Bohemia is a place, where delicious pilsen beer was born, area with captivating spa tradition, refined Carlsbad porcelain, precise cut glass, but also the oldest ore district of the Czech kingdom. Let yourself laugh with stories of wooden puppets from Plzeňsko and dance under a baton of bagpipe music. Be ready for a unique experience thanks to lively Chodsko's celebration and let your senses flow on magic of Czech traditions.

Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!

Traditions in region West Bohemia

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You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.
You can taste traditional culinary specialities and specialities of Czech cuisine in restaurants Czech Specials:
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  • Pivnice Belvedere, Plzeň
  • Černý orel, Kdyně
  • Art-hotel Royal Golf, Karlovy Vary
  • Pivovar U Rybiček, Stříbro
  • Restaurace Ve Skále, Chodová Planá
  • Grandhotel Pupp – Grandrestaurant, Becher's bar, Karlovy Vary
  • Pivovar Groll, Plzeň
  • Restaurace Éčko, Plzeň
  • Hotel Humboldt – restaurace Alexander, Karlovy Vary
  • Stará Sladovna, Chodová Planá
  • Švejk restaurant Rozvadov, Rozvadov
  • Churchill´s Pub & Restaurant, Mariánské Lázně
  • Restaurace-hotel Roudná, Plzeň
  • Restaurace Na Spilce, Plzeň
  • Gourmet Restaurant Villa Patriot, Mariánské Lázně
  • Hotel císař Ferdinand, Loket
  • Restaurace Žumbera, Plzeň
  • Restaurant U Malické brány, Plzeň
  • Švejk Restaurant Loket, Loket
  • Komorní hůrka, Cheb
  • Sedmý nebe Morávka, Plzeň
  • Šenk Na Parkánu, Plzeň
  • Štekrův mlýn, Cheb
  • Parkhotel Sokolov, Sokolov
  • Stará sladovna, Plzeň
  • Starobolevecká hospůdka, Plzeň
  • Statek Bernard, Královské Poříčí
  • Švejk Restaurant a Penzion Bublava, Kraslice
  • Sunlight Restaurant, Plzeň
  • Švejk restaurant Tivoli, Plzeň
  • Zámecký pivovar Chyše, Chyše
  • Švejk restaurant U Pětatřicátníků, Plzeň
  • Uctívaný velbloud, Plzeň
  • U Salzmannů, Plzeň
  • Darovanský dvůr Resort, Břasy
  • Hotel a Švejk restaurant U Zeleného stromu, Nepomuk
  • Pivovar-hotel-restaurant Modrá Hvězda, Dobřany
  • Penzion Rudolf ll, Plasy
  • Zámek Zbiroh, Zbiroh

Pilsen beer soup

Somewhere maybe beer is served after meal, however, in Pilsen’s beer is present during the first course already. Beer soup with bread is no latest hit: hot soup of gold-coloured drink used to be prepared by our ancestors several centuries ago.

Chodsko style pastry

Chodsko style pastry cake is difficult to prepare and in the past wasn't even low cost. Yeast-raised dough is rolled thin and is decorated with strips of curds, jam and poppy seed spread. Sprinkled with raisins and almonds. Renowned cakes have many varieties, based on two basic types of decorating. Dolské cakes from lower Chodsko are decorated with motives spread on the curds layer, for cakes from Klenčí are typical strips of three kinds of spread.

Dumpling from Karlovy Vary

Unique gourmet delicacy, that is very popular in Karlovarsko Region. The dumpling reminds a cylinder with its shape, the surface is uneven. Secret of its taste and popularity lies in the recipe, where pieces of bread, spices and herbs play a lead role. Also parsley and mace are often added. A procedure of steaming also plays an important part, and is even secret at some official distributors.


Sprouted pea, roasted on stove in both sweet and salty way.

Spa wafers from Karlovy Vary

Since the 1856, traditional spa wafers are inseparably connected with a spa atmosphere. Even though spa wafers represent one of typical delicacies of Karlovy Vary, there is not much to be known about their origin. First wafers form, that was found, becomes from the second third of the 18th century. Czech Germans founded tradition of spa wafers production; Barbara Bayer founded first wafer bakery for spa guests in 1867. Successors of Barbara Bayer expanded abroad, spa wafers were exported to Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, Serbia, Bavaria and Hungary. In 1899, Bayer spa wafers bakery was appointed C.a K. (imperial – royal) purveyor for Vienna's court. Traditional spa wafers production has been maintained till these days with a great success

Plzeňský goulash

Local variation of Czech goulash. One of examples of sauces flavored with beer, which is the main difference between this and elsewhere prepared goulash. Can be thickened with bread.

Yeast-raised Bramborák

Also called hluchec or báč, is an example of meal made of potatoes. Made of yeast-raised dough of grated potatoes, flour, eggs, milk and salt. Smoked pork belly is added and is flavoured with marjoram, garlic and pepper.

Karlovarský suchar (zwieback)

Has already been made in spa destination Karlovy Vary, with the same procedure, for several decades. Local ingredients also effect quality of the product: both thermal water and salt of Karlovy Vary. Favourite component of diet food.


Traditional herb bitters, made in Karlovy Vary by Jan Becher Company, is made from more than 20 types of herbs and spices, without chemical additives, solely of Karlovy Vary's thermal water, quality alcohol and natural sugar. Becherovka is being prepared according to secret recipe, in the same way since the beginning. 2 people of the company only, a production manager and a production director know the trade secret of the recipe. They are bound with this secret by a lifelong contract and they can't for example travel together. Prepared mix of herbs is poured into bags of natural material and immersed in alcohol for a week, to perfectly absorb it. The extract is mixed with water and natural sugar, and then is left to mature for about 2 months. Then is tapped into characteristic green bottles.

Špekové knedlíky

Round no raised dumplings, prepared of lightly roasted diced bread rolls and roasted diced smoked pork belly with bacon. Tasty as a side dish with sauce or baked meat.

Sklářské knedlíky

Prepared of cabbage, other ingredients are same as in špekové knedlíky, with addition of sour cream. Worth tasting, exceptional.

Mineral water Mattoni

Extraordinary spring water drawn from untouched landscape of Karlovy Vary. Named after Heinrich von Mattoni, native of Karlovy Vary of Italian origin, businessman and industrialist. Significant part in the whole history of the Mattoni brand has also municipality Kyselka, located near Karlovy Vary in forested valley of Doupovské hory. Count Heinrich von Mattoni hired local spring in the 19th century, and started persistently build a modern bottling plant and distribution infrastructure of mineral water in Kyselka. He was the first one, who introduced filling of drinks into glass bottles. Alongside glass bottles also paper label with a red eagle, which is so typical for mineral water, was created.

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