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Tender beauty of folk architecture

Veselý kopec, Staré Hamry and Betlém belong to rare places in East Bohemia, where you get to know, experience and savor traditions, crafts and architecture of the half of the 19th century with all senses.

Timbered houses in Veselý Kopec and Betlém will enchant you with their tenderness and thanks to preserved methods, tools and materials you will meet traditional crafts of the half of the 19th century, as was pottery, weaving, shoemaking, furriery… Blacksmith's trip hammer with a big hammer driven by water, a forge or an old mill room is parts of a settlement Staré Hamry. In all three settlements you can experience a temperament atmosphere of carnival perambulations.

Thanks to the Open air museum in Vysočina are the East Bohemian traditions preserved in the purest form and they are worth of staying for a while.

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