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  • Log driving, timber rafting – Schwarzenberg Canal, Jelení Vrchy
  • Wooden doves, Horní Planá (producer)
  • Celebration of wood Volary, 22.-23.8. 2015 (place of the event)
  • Clogs making, Volary (producer)
  • Artistic workmanship of wood Volyně – Jaroslav Frencl (producer)
  • Skašovské toys, Museum in Kašperské hory
  • Permanent expositions of the Museum of the Šumava, Sušice
Wood industry or logging used to be crucial for securing the basic living hood for life in Šumava. Recourses near cities run out soon, therefor the woodmen moved deeper into woods, which contributed to faster progress of modern colonization in Šumava in the 18th and 19th century. That time there were wood settlements founded, often up the high locations of Šumava (for example 1720 m above the sea level in Srní, 1800 in Kubova Huť, 1832 in Lenora), where you can see buildings with a rough timbering of wood, and somewhere there is the wooden construction. Roofs were made of shingles or thatched. A little belfry located in the roof is a typical element of these buildings.
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