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  • Temple of Hops and Beer, Žatec
  • The Žatec brewery, Žatec
  • Hop legacy – Prague suburb, Žatec
  • Hop Museum, Žatec
  • Chmelfest Hops Festival in Žatec, Žatec brewery, May 8, 2015 (place and date of the event)
  • Hop Harvest Festival Dočesná, náměstí Svobody, Žatec, Sep 5, 2015 (place and date of the event)
Take a look at exhibitions and demonstrations, focused on a growing and utilization of hops, in an unique Temple of Hops and Beer of Žatec. An architecture connected with the growing and processing hops, can be found in the Prague’s suburbs of the Žatec town, where you can take a part in one of the local events connected with a celebration of this unique plant - the spring Chmelfest (Hopfest) or the concluding Dočesná (Hop Harvest Festival) in the end of August. Your journey towards hops can be finished with an excursion in the Žatec brewery.
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