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  • Museum of Olomoucké tvarůžky, Loštice
  • Poštulkovy Tvaruzky Cheese Pastries, Loštice
  • „Sečení lúk“ (meadows mowing), Velký Týnec, Hradisko (place of the event) May 15, 2015 - May 16, 2015
  • Folk costume celebrations, Velká Bystřice Amphitheatre (place of the event) May 10, 2015 8AM - 1PM
  • An Ethnographic Year in Velká Bystřice (place of the event) Sep 4, 2015 - Sep 6, 2015
  • Slavení (celebrating) „matiček“, Bělkovice (place of the event) Apr 5, 2015 9AM
Haná is from the folk culture, customs and cuisine point of view a very colourful region, which directly invites to spending a free time and gathering experiences. If you plan your travels wisely, you can become spectators of an unique demonstration of traditions and customs of local inhabitants and then, fully impressed, taste the most famous local delicacy - olomoucké tvarůžky.
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