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Fascinating customs of Haná

Somewhere there are museums and elsewhere the traditions are lived directly. If you want to see customs or celebration vividly, visit Haná – region like no other in Czech Republic. 

„Sečení lúk“ (meadows mowing)

In Velký Týnec on the hill called Hradisko, municipal meadows are collectively mowed annually in May. Project called Vitalisation of folk traditions in Haná is a phenomenon with such ideas. Its purpose is to get folklore activities from the stages of cultural stands and festival stages back to nature, where folk song was developing naturally during every day work. Those, who came once, returns again. Unforgettable atmosphere of the morning mowing on the „magical“ Hradisko hill and a spontaneous Friday entertainment are both an indescribable experience

Hanácká “svajba” (wedding)

After the ceremony, the wedding continued by ride on the hayrack carriage, drawn by six horses, from the church – it is said, that only a duke of Olomouc and a bride from Haná had this privilege. An opulent celebration of love under the baton of wealth, luxury and also a drop of boosting, that is wedding in Haná in all its beauty. The bride was dressed in the festive folk costume, and there was on her head – head cover of the bride and her bridesmaids, made of a cardboard and richly decorated, ended with red ribbons coming down to her waist. And no wedding in Haná could do without a throwing to the bride or a wedding tree.

Slavení (celebrating) „matiček“

„Matičky“ are, according to tradition, two aproximately 20 years old girls, who walk on the Bílá sobota (White Saturday) from Bělkovice, to attend the evening ceremony of Ressurection of Jezus in Dolany church to get Christ statue and weather vane. They go without music accompaniment with other believers in curious old folk costumes of Hanácko. Next day, a majestic parade with a music accompaniment and with„matičky“ heading, returns back to Dolany to accompany the statue to the mass. The celebration „matiček“ is ended with the big sung mass on the Easter Monday. Clothes of „matička“ on the White Saturday indicated a change from the fasting and winter time to the spring and Easter time and was simple, while clothing of „matiček“ on Easter Sunday was far more gorgeous and festive, symbolically announcing the joyful Easter time and incoming summer time. This tradition is maintained till these days in Bělkovice and Bohuňovice (at Olomouc's)

Jízda králů (Ride of the kings)

Your mind will always cherish a captivating memory of a king, without a crown and not even grown in a man yet, none the less he is a king. He silently rides through a village with his entourage, dressed in women clothes, with a rose in his mouth and  an atmosphere mysterious as the tradition itself breathes on you. Discover Ride of the Kings, a phenomenal Moravia celebration, which is by rights included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Within the Haná Region, you can see Ride of the Kings for example in Doloplazy, Chropyně or Kojetín.

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