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Fascinating mining industry

A first written note about mining industry and ore mining in Březové Hory comes from 1311. However, a tradition of the mining industry is much older. Silver ore, lead, zync and uranium used to be mined there, and the mining industry has become a significant traditional way of living hood of locals.

A termination of mining was decided in 1971 and all the essential we can learn thanks to phenomenal mining museums. Mining Museum in Příbram offers more than 40 permanent exhibitions situated in historical or heritage protected objects of Ševčinský, Vojtěšský, Anenský or Drkolnovský Mines and in a mining house in Březové hory. Exhibition of Mining open-air museum of Březová Hora draws us nearer the rich mining past of the region.

Museum of Mining and Procession of Gold in Novoknínsko introduces history of mining and processing of gold since the oldest times till the 20thcentury.

Let yourself be dragged into an unforgettable mining atmosphere, which immediately captivate your senses.

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