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Unmistakable taste and bouquet

Mělnicko is full of sunny slopes with spread vineyards. Soil gives an unmistakable taste to local wine – mineral and spiciness, and Labe with its warm vapours adds a curious taste and bouquet to autumn grapes. We won't find out today, whether Libuše (legendary queen) planted the first grape vine or not. However, one thing is certain – you can taste traditional wine Ludmila in all wine shops, wine cellars and during tastings and for your senses it will be a unique experience.

A wine tradition of Kutná Hora dates back to the 12th century and is significant mainly with its mineralise and spiciness.

Visit Vintage in Mělník (18.-20.9. 2015), festival Summer in Kutná Hora (1.6. - 1.9. 2015) or St. Martin feast held in the mid- November (11.11.2015), and savour a tradition of wine making with all your senses.

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