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Traditional region

Chodsko Region

People from this region were free farmers (in feudalism, subjects to the king himself only), and as an armed guard were securing stability of the western border and also safe traffic on the trade route leading to Bavaria. For these services, they were granted exceptional position, which they had kept till the end of the 17th century. Chodsko Region is renowned with their rich folk traditions – till these days, a colourful folk costume was maintained along with rich folklore, dialect and customs. Visit a distinctive area of historical border guards and experience with them their traditional celebrations and festivities, with a unique bagpipe music accompaniment.
You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.

Chodsko style pastry

Chodsko style pastry cake is difficult to prepare and in the past wasn't even low cost. Yeast-raised dough is rolled thin and is decorated with strips of curds, jam and poppy seed spread. Sprinkled with raisins and almonds. Renowned cakes have many varieties, based on two basic types of decorating. Dolské cakes from lower Chodsko are decorated with motives spread on the curds layer, for cakes from Klenčí are typical strips of three kinds of spread.

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