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Living traditions of Chodsko Region

Kozel (billy-goat), pukl or bagpipes. Whether they play solo or as accompaniment, you will always recognize its specific bleating sound, and a billy goat head right on the musical instrument can only confirm your gut feeling. You can hear the fame of Chodsko's bagpipe tradition, lasting till these days, on Chodsko Folk Festival (held annually during the 1st weekend after 10.August), or during performances of single bagpipe ensembles. Alongside the unique musical instrument, also captivating bagpipe music and Chodsko's folk songs were maintained. In Chodsko Region, all family and annual customs are alive, and it's definitely worth to experience an atmosphere of at least one of them with all senses: weddings, Easter, fairs, parish fair, Christmas... Carnival procession’s masks perambulate in villages and the most original of them is a traditional four days lasting carnival in Postřekov, where almost a hundred-headed parade in traditional masks walks through the village. A wedding in Chodsko Region usually lasted for three days. The first day, wedding entertainment and feast lasted, the second day the bride „čepenila“ (čepec=bonnet, ritual of giving a bonnet to the bride as a symbol of married status) and the third day the bride was transported to a bridegroom's. Perambulation with Fanfrnoch (musical instrument) has been held annually since 1985 by male choir Haltravan. The unique folklore will be introduced to you at Chodsko's Folk Festival, which belongs to the oldest folklore festivals in the Czech Republic.

Savour living traditions of Chodsko Region, which will enthuse your senses. Immerse yourself in the bagpipe sounds, which arise from freedom, strength and beauty and let yourself be carried away with the endless magic of Chodsko's festival.

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