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Traditional Prague vine-yard

First Prague vineyards were founded, according to a legend, by the duke Václav on the Prague Castle. Later, the king Karel IV, made a contribution to boom of viniculture and also monasteries were significant founders of vineyards. Vineyards in Strahov, Petřín or Újezd belong to the first of its kind in Prague. With more than 700 hectares of grape vine, Prague used to be the biggest centre of grape growers in Bohemia.

These days there are 5 vineyards in operation, where a grape vine is grown for wine production: Arcibiskupská vineyard in Modřany, Máchalka in Vysočany, Grébovka in Vinohrady, Salabka in Troja, Vineyard of St.Klára in care of Troja Botanical garden and St. Wenceslas vineyard in Prague Castle. Vineyard Salabka is one of the few, which also processes the wine and produces approximately 30 thousand bottles a year. Traditional vine growing settlements, surrounded by vineyards, still have their unique charm, and origin of some of them dates back to Karel IV era.

Relish the beautiful atmosphere of Ladronka, Bertramka or Spiritka and enjoy the non-traditional mood of Prague with all your senses.
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