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Beautiful ethnographical museums

Ethnographic museums in Prague are a beautiful testament of patriotic enthusiasm at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. They create a story of Czech museum management and a mapping of the national history, a story of a birth of Ethnographical Museum collection, exhibition of Czech agriculture and technical museums. Visit for example these museum gems in Prague:

Ethnographical Museum

Exhibition Musaion is situated in the Classicist Kinsky Summer Pallace in Kinsky garden in Prague 5. Is dedicated to the traditional folk culture of Bohemia, Morava and Slezsko. The recently opened permanent exhibition, nominated onthe European Museum of the Year award in 2007, presents everyday life in the country and festive moments of a traditional village in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. In the areal you can find small unique timbered church of St. Archangel Michael from the 17th century, transported to Prague in care of National Museum in 1929 from Subcarpathia. Do not overlook a small wooden belfry from Valašsko Region as well as Baroque wayside shrines from Žižkov. Museum also offers an opportunity to create craft products in workshops under the guidance of folk craftsmen and experts in traditional crafting methods.

Prague City Museum

Prague City Museum maintains one of the largest collections of guild related objects in the world. It is a specific collection recording the history and methods of presentation of craft guilds. As a part of the exhibition, there is a history of craftsmen’s associations mapped since the middle ages till the present.

National Museum of Agriculture

Founded in 1891. The basis of its collections was created with objects, which were displayed at the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891 and Ethnographical Exhibition in 1895. Several permanent exhibits are opened for visitors in the museum. „Jede traktor“(Tractor goes) – collection of agriculture technique, presenting the most important 20 objects from the collection of agriculture technique of National Museum of Agriculture. Take a look at tractors, stationary engines of threshing machines or motor threshing machines. „Muzejní farma“(Museum Farm) is an open-air exhibition situated in the museum courtyard. Divided into two sections: 1) exhibits of farm animal breed, 2) interactive exhibition „O stromech a lese“ (About trees and woods).

National Technical Museum

Founded 5th July 1908. Went through major reconstruction recently, and that's why local exhibitions are presented in entirely new museum conception. Today there are around 60 000 object of mostly technical character, 135 000 archival documents and approximately 250 000 books located. After recent extensive reconstruction, there are collections of architecture, building construction and polygraph to be admired. Since 2013, permanent exhibitions „Chemie kolem nás“(Chemistry around us), „Měření času“(Measurement of time), also an exhibition called „Hutnictví“(Metallurgy), „Interkamera“(InterCamera) and „Technika hrou“(Technology with toys) belong to the National Technical Museum. Within a frame of an exhibition „Architektura, stavitelství a design“(Architecture, Construction and Design) you can see large number of historical architectonic models, plans, projects or building materials from the 19th and the 20th century. An exhibition dedicated to astronomy offers its visitors a collection of rare astronomical instruments from 16th - 20th century, which is supplemented with documents, authentic drawings and maps. Historical stories of a car, motorbike, aviation, ship or rail transport in Czech countries are documented with support of other exhibitions. Even an area of typography isn't overlooked. Its visitors leads to the environment of typography workshop, where are original historical machines from the 19th and 20th century to be found. The impression of this exposition is enhanced with a dirt from the operations, smell of printing colours or original tools.

Let yourself be drawn into the past of Czech traditions in magnificent museums of Prague, your senses will enjoy it.
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