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Dazzling Prague celebrations

Prague, alike all other regions, maintains its traditional celebrations. In this metropolis, you can regularly see a wide range of masopust (carnival processions) in single districts of Prague.

Carnival procession of Žižkov maintains a 20 years old tradition and is held annually in February. Enjoy the sight at masks of Žižkov's bogeymen and savour pig-slaughter meals and meat bouillons.

Carnival procession of Malá Strana – the main purpose of the carnival procession of Malá Strana has been the reminder of past history and traditions for 12 years already. The biggest attraction of carnival is the annual carnival procession, where are hundreds of amateur folk masks to be seen. A part of the carnival of Malá Strana is created also with performances of swordsmen and various performers.

Carnival procession of Břevnov – accompanied with a bustle of masks, one of its parts is also a real Czech pig-slaughter. The evening masopust ball follows the daylong entertainment.

Carnevale Prague is a reminder of carnival procession celebrations from the period of Prague Barogue. It is a traditional highlight of the carnival season. Opening event of the carnival is Gathering of masks on Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town's square). Another favourite event is Běh zlatých prasat (The Race of the Golden Pigs), of which slogan is „Každý, kdo bude chtíti, může prasetem býti“ (Everyone, who want, may become a pig). The carnival Carnevale Prague is held for 10 days in a row and you can visit its events in many places of the centre of Prague annually at the turn of February and March. You can see the parade of carnival masks in many public places, palaces, museums, galleries and also theatres, you can visit many carnival stages, performances of both professional and amateur clowns, acrobats or conjurers.

St. Mathew fair is a beautiful tradition of Prague and also a testament of how a symbolical Christian fair changed in the course of time into a funfair for thousands of people, which love carousels. The fair follows a tradition of annual pilgrimage celebrations at the church of St. Mathew in Dejvice. According to the shift in the character of the fair, from religious to entertaining, and an increased number of visitors, for which the place in front of the presbytery wasn't big enough anymore, the stages and fair attractions gradually moved to lower areas of the pilgrimage road, mainly to the new open spaces reserved for the fair by the city. Nowadays, the St. Mathew fair is held annually within March - April in the Exhibition Ground Holešovice in Prague-Bubeneč.

Enjoy the traditions of Prague in the beautiful scenery of Gothic churches, majestic baroque palaces and the riveting panorama of Hradčany.

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