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Inspirative moments in cafés

A little wooden table, a chair, the irresistible coffee smell and an undisturbed atmosphere has inspired Czech and world big names for centuries. A tradition of cafés in Prague, its lifestyle and creative activities, connected with the inspiring atmosphere and also well-chosen guests, remains alive till these days.

Among the most renowned cafés in Prague at the turn of the 19th and 20th century belong Louvre, Slavia or Arco, a significant social centre was also the cabaret Červená sedma, where for example Jaroslav Hašek, Karel Hašler or Vlasta Burian performed. Each café had a specific design, They differed also in variety of café guests. Cafés also significantly intervened into social life of their guests. The environment of cafés in Prague served as a public institute, having social influence thanks to representatives of various social classes. Café owners themselves had published specialized press, intended especially for café and hotel and restaurants facilities keepers. Magazines Hostimil and Kavárník belong to the best known.

Follow Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein of Václav Havel's trail and enjoy unrepeatable moments in Secession and Cubistic architectonic gems.
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