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South Moravia

Sun brightened South Moravia is significant with several world rarities, which were born in 4 traditional regions. Podhorácko takes pride in “špargl” - asparagus from Ivančice. Delicious gherkins from Znojmo originated in Podyjí and tradition of Mikulov and Znojmo - festivals of wine became a phenomenon. Visit Brněnsko Region and enjoy atmosphere of the Cabbage market and exquisite, evergreen landscape full of wind wills. The unforgettable Slovácko Region consists of 5 traditional regions (Dolňácko, Horňácko, Podluží, Hanácké Slovácko and Kopanice) and each of them is unique. Moments filled with fragrances, tastes, captivating beauty and magic await you there.

Let yourself be dragged into strong and breathe taking traditions of South Moravia. Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!
You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.
You can taste traditional culinary specialities and specialities of Czech cuisine in restaurants Czech Specials:
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  • Best Western Premier Hotel International, Brno
  • Hotel Marcinčák Mikulov, Mikulov na Moravě
  • Restaurace, penzion Havírna, Letovice
  • Hotel Centro, Hustopeče
  • Zámecký hotel Třešť, Třešť
  • Hotel Vinopa, Hustopeče
  • Penzion a restaurace Gallus, Vranov u Brna
  • Grand Moravia Restaurant, Lednice
  • Charlie’s street, Brno-Modřice
  • Hotel Royal Ricc, Brno
  • Hotel Termal Mušov, Pasohlávky
  • Restaurace Stará Pošta, Rousínov u Vyškova
  • Hotel Kraví hora Bořetice, Bořetice
  • Bukovanský mlýn – Mlynářská restaurace, Bukovany
  • Hotel Kaskáda, Kuřim
  • OREA Hotel Iris, Pavlov
  • Hotel Slávia, Brno
  • Hotel Slovan – restaurace Bugatti, Brno
  • Hotel Selský dvůr, Vyškov
  • Vinařský dům, Velké Bílovice
  • Restaurace Na Pekárně, Velké Bílovice
  • Hotel Velká Klajdovka, Brno
  • Kozlovna U Badinů, Brno
  • Moravská chalupa Brno, Brno
  • Noem Arch Restaurant, Brno
  • Orea Wellness hotel Santon, Brno
  • Pegas, Brno
  • Potrefená husa, Brno
  • Potrefená husa Brno, Brno 2
  • Restaurace Jakoby, Brno
  • Restaurace Laguna, Brno
  • Restaurace Panská Lícha, Brno
  • Restaurace Prominent, Brno
  • Restaurace Šelepka, Brno
  • Restaurace Skanzeen, Brno
  • Restaurace Valoria, Brno
  • Restaurace Varna, Brno
  • Restaurace Veselá 2 (dříve Jantar), Brno
  • Restaurace/Vinárna Pod radničním kolem, Brno
  • Restaurant Černý medvěd, Brno
  • Restaurant Merci, Brno
  • Sunset restaurant, Brno
  • Švejk Restaurant & Pension, Brno-Bohunice
  • Švejk restaurant U Formana, Brno
  • Výtopna, Brno
  • Restaurace u Kašny, Rajhrad u Brna
  • Restaurace Dobrá Chvíle, Neslovice

Znojemská pečeně/omáčka

This traditional recipe was recorded in 1831 already. The base of this meal are sliced pickled gherkins. Served with bread dumplings or rice and slices of fine roast beef.

Kočičí marš

Boiled beans with diced boiled potatoes, greased with lard and cracklings.


Potato pancakes sprinkled with poppy seed.


Sprouted pea, roasted on stove in both sweet and salty way.

Podhorácké mládě

Yeast- raised cake.

Sausage from Konice

Made according to a traditional recipe and hardwood smoked. The producer is a small butcher’s of Lubomír Šmíd, who makes traditional pig slaughter specialities according to old family recipes. Founded in 1993.


Traditional draught beer: Medium, Lager, beer special Baron Trenck and unique special Zelené beer (Green beer – draught on Green Thursday) and Modrá Kometa (Blue Comet). Beginnings of the brewery probably date back to 14th century. Nowadays it has a privilege position in Southern Moravia. The brewery has been located in Staré Brno for almost 140 years, and although it is a modern brewery, traditional methods are being maintained, with innovations and modern technologies added.

Křehotiny (křupance)

Sweet pastry.

Dalešické pivo

Brewed according to an old brewery law. Brewery in Dalešice was probably founded by the end of the 16th century. The oldest parts of today's complex of buildings come from the Early baroque era, that is 17th century.

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