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Visit these places

  • Znojmo - Hus orchards
  • Peasant famhouses and typical cellar alley Nový Šaldorf
  • Popice
  • Painted Wine Cellar in Šatov
  • Znovín Wines, Šatov
  • Vrbovec
  • Jaroslavice
  • Hevlín
  • Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou
This path starts in the centre of Znojmo. In the middle of Hus orchards there is a signalling with a cellar žudr (porch) of red colour marking its start. After a short downhill through the park, the trail continues one kilometre on the 1st class road. Heavy city traffic is left behind in Loucká street and bridge over Dyje river is already a gate into the significant viniculture municipality Nový Šaldorf – Sedlešovice. Examine Modré sklepy(Blue cellars) in Nový Šaldorf, they belong among the biggest in Znojemsko.
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