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Traditional crafts in Dolňácko

The skillfulness, the creativity and the beauty of the traditional crafts proof why these unique traditions survived till these days.

Folk costume of Slovácko

Costumes had come through a big development during the last decades, some of its parts or varieties vanished completely and till these days mainly gorgeous festive costumes of single girls and boys maintained. Nowadays you can get your own tailor made folk costume in the city Uherské Hradiště.

Textil flowers

The making of unique textile flowers demands skill and above all, patience. It is both technically exacting and time consuming process, consisting of a big amount of groundwork. The factory can be found in the town Zlechov.

Folk costumed dolls

The production of up to 45cm high folk costumed dolls, made of plastic and porcelain, was launched in 1936 in the town Uherský Brod. This beautiful tradition carries on till these days.

Easter eggs decorated with wax batik

The wax batik decoration belongs to the oldest techniques of easter eggs decorating. A hot wax is painted on a white egg, which is being gradually soaked in various colours, from the lightest to the darkest shade. This way the wax covers step-by-step single colourful layers and after its removal we are awarded by a gorgeous decorative batik design.

Blue cloth print

This beautiful craft had a century old tradition in the town Strážnice. It is a traditional production of ready-to-wear or yard goods or Christmas products. In Strážnice, you can visit a modrotisk workshop, where the blue print is traditionally printed and coloured manually in the same way how our ancestors did it.

Nacre production

The nacre production was brought to the town Senetářov by Vienna businessman Alfons Tománek, who founded a nacre factory for button production in the 8th decade of the 19th century. Also several smaller workshops were founded and many skilled nacre makers („frčkařů“) started making buttons in house. An exhibition of this craft is opened in the Museum of Traditional Living and Nacre Production in Senetářov.

Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses! 

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