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Captivating magic of wine

South Moravia and wine are like body and soul – one cannot live without the other and they belong together inseparably. Romans brought a vine here in the 3rd century AD, and already rulers of Great Moravia already paid a lot of attention to vine yards. It was being said in the 13th century in Moravia, that a good vineyard is more valuable than a fine house, and almost whole local population was busy working on vineyards. The golden age came around 1820, when there were 3 times more vineyards in Moravia, than it is today.

We can find vineyards and wine cellars near almost every village at Slovácko Region. Tastings and wine festivals are being held everywhere. Strážnice, Blatnice pod sv. Antonínkem, Kyjov or Polešovice belong to the biggest viniculture municipalities in Slovácko Region. The local hilly terrain creates the fresh character and specific variety aroma of local wines. Taste the most famous white wine sorts, among which excels Müller Thurgau, Grüner Veltliner and Pinot Blanc. Hanácké Slovácko is a part of Velkopavlovice wine area. Habánské sklepy (cellars) were founded by so-called Habáni in 1614, in times of the greatest viniculture boom of Moravia. Habáni were a group of reform Anabaptists, peaceful and innovatively thinking people, that soon gained respect as skilful craftsmen, great builders and above all, as excellent wine makers. Their wine making is situated in Velké Bílovice.

Templar cellars in Čejkovice were built by templars in the 13th century and their wine was not meant for the liturgics purpose only. Savour traditional wines from Hanácké Slovácko, they will enthuse your senses. Single viniculture areas are connected via Moravia wine trails, which are not only a way how to get know South Moravia, but also a way towards the wine and people, for which vine cultivation is both fate and a whole life hobby. Try and follow the wine and its traditions trail. Take a walk in cellar alleys, peek into wine cellars of local wine makers and taste the best they can offer.

Visit at least one of the countless festivals of wine: Slovácko Wine Festival and Open Heritage Uherské Hradiště are the best combination of enjoying open historical monuments, folklore performances and wine tastings. Open cellars days - this viniculture event, held in single municipalities annually in given term, is meant not only for admirers of cellar architecture or wine lovers, but also for fans of local folklore, regional traditions and cuisine. So called Zarážání hory is a medieval tradition, and its meaning is basically a protection of maturing grapes in vine yard till the vintage, both by legal means and prayers to the vine yard patrons. These days, you can experience a celebration full of stories, wine tastings, dance, fine cuisine and young wines. During a blessing of St. Martin‘s (young) wines in Uherské Hradiště, visitors experience an unique atmosphere of this ancient custom and they can also taste other young wines.

Enjoy the vintage, wine tastings, wine markets, feast and other amazing celebrations, because the South Moravia's wine is a phenomenon, that never cease to fascinate and your senses will be dazed with the perfection of this natural drink.

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