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Lašsko (Beskydy)

Krajina v severovýchodním cípu Moravy, známá nejen výrobou automobilů Tatra Kopřivnice a Kopřivnickou majolikou, ale i svým úžasným tanečním repertoárem a tradiční živelnou cimbálovou muzikou. Užijte si odlesk automobilové slávy a protančete střevíce při lašských tancích.

Traditions in region Lašsko (Beskydy)

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You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.

Štramberské ears

Gingerbread pastry with honey and a secret mixture of spices. The recipe is protected and the product can be only sold by those inhabitants of Štramberk, who own a license. Among the producers there is a dispute, whether the„ears“ poured into a form, or the „ears“ rolled, are the best.

Freudova neřest

Chocolate cigars „Freud's Vice“ were launched on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sigmund Freud, a significant native of Příbor, who loved cigars. Candied fruit is saused in pepper or chilli spices and covered with chocolate in the shape of cigars, result is not too hot, just a little spicy with tobbaco taste. And why Freud's Vice? Freud was a passionate cigar smoker and didn't stop, even while he was diagnosed with cancer, that became a reason for his death.

Příborská freudovka

Around 1980, there was a liqueur company in Příbor, producing bitter liqueurs. One of the old recipes was preserved and nowadays is back on the market under brand „Příborská freudovka“. Freudovka, because according to oral tradition one of the first tasters was old Jákob Freud. This spirit is mixed from macerate of 10 herbs mixture, water, fine refined alcohol and refined sugar.

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