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Tatra Kopřivnice

Company was established in 1850 by Ignác Šustala, who started producing carriages and coaches in a small family company. Step by step, the company expanded and began to focus on new ways of transport. In 1897, one of the first passenger car in the central Europe (Automobil Präsident) was made, in 1898 the first truck.

A significant face of the company was a designer and long-time technical director Hans Ledwinka (employee in Tatra between 1897–1945). He was a designer of the concept of chassis with a central tube and swinging half-axles, which is called backbone frame – in the world known rather as Tatra-concept. Tatra 87 – executive car, that had been produced during 1937 - 1950 and also a car, in which travellers Jiří Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund absolved journey to Africa and South America. According to the american The New York Times List, this car was a collectors car in 2010.

Tatra trucks achieved a world fame also thanks to their success in rally races, especially in the most difficult rally in the world: Dakar Rally, where they participated for the first time in 1986. Visit the Technical museum Tatra  in Kopřivnice and you will learn everything about the production of cars.

The Museum of Lašsko in Šustala villa in Kopřivnice is devoted to history of Kopřivnice and beginnings of a local carriage production. Enjoy the beauty of Czech cars and their success.

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