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Bohemian Paradise and Pojizeří Region

Bohemian Paradise and Pojizeří is a romantic region, where a variety of natural beauties engage with a rich history. However, it was the Middle Ages that brought it a fame – the golden fever, connected with a presence of gems and the arrival of prospectors, gem cutters and engravers, brought a shining jewellery tradition into being.

Traditions in region Bohemian Paradise and Pojizeří Region

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You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.

Vysocké zelí (sauerkraut from Vysokoé nad Jizerou)

Renowned variety of a head cabbage from Vysoké nad Jizerou and a border area between the Krkonoše and Jizerské Hory Mountains. Significant characteristic of the Vysocké red cabbage is pointed head and big fragility. The cabbage is very sensitive to damage, and that's why must be treated very carefully. Its main quality is an excellent taste. Red sauerkraut contains great amount of C vitamins, pro vitamin A, and big amount of iron, selenium and lots of vitamin B12. No water is added into sauerkraut, so that the juice during the fermentation process comes only from the cabbage.

Frncochaté knedlíky (dmplings)

Dumplings spilled with melted butter with stewed cabbage.

Vysocké bobky (Vysocké pastry)

Traditional regional pastry, reminding gingerbread with its taste.

Češovská pálenka (spirit from Češov)

Local spirit renowned for both a quality and a processing with modern technologies. Made of various types of fruit – cherries, sour cherries, pears, grapes and currants.

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