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Traditional region

Šumava and Pošumaví Region

Largely mountain region of Šumava and Pošumaví is closely connected to mountains and forests. That is why all the traditions and crafts have their origin in the wood, its manufacturing and business. Logging, timber rafting, woodcarving, matchstick making... Small glass manufactures hidden deep in woods and the traditional magical architecture with log houses made of solid beams are also typical.

Listen to tales of Šumava's wood and let yourself be carried away by its fragrance, majesty, beautiful customs and perfect craftsmanship.
You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.

Šterc (potato cake)

Meal, which is only known to our grandmothers nowadays. Made of potatoes, whole-meal flour, salt, milk and butter. The amount of each we have to guess intuitively.  Potatoes are boiled skin-on, then peeled and grated on rough grater, then salt is added, and as much flour as needed to create crumb and non-stick dough. Well-worked dough is spread over baking tin greased with butter and is put into the oven.   When baked, the dough is moved to a smaller fryer, spilled with melted butter and milk and fried on the cooking range. It's served with milk or buttermilk.

Zelňáky (cabbage pancakes)

These pancakes are yummy, soft, acid a bit, flavoured with diced cracklings, caraway and red pepper. They are slightly hot, with delicious savour, and refreshing.

Šumavské bramborové zelníky (filled dumplings of potato dough)

Štečky or dumplings made of potato dough filled with sauerkraut and bacon.

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