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Shining beauty from the woods

They lived deep in woods and when they ran out of wood, they simply moved higher to the mountains, where they built new houses and went on working. Glassmakers, who founded settlements as Sklář, Skelná Huť and Staré Hutě, belong to traditional craft makers of Šumava and Pošumaví Region. Šumava's páteříky, small glass beads belonging to prayer beads, were taken away from glass works in the barrels usually, and there used to be up to 200 000 pieces inside each of them. Manufacturing and business in the 15th century went to producing millions of single pieces, which means that one glassmaker had to manufacture up to 3000 beads a day. Beside glass beads, also small glass circles to windows or colourful caves glass are well known, as well as sheet and mirror glasses in the 18th century.

Šumava's glassworks used to be one of the best in Europe and their artistry is documented for example in museums in Klatovy, Sušice, Kašperské Hory, Vimperk or Prachatice. Let your senses be charmed by a gentleness, playfulness and handicraft rising from the depths of Šumava woods.

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