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Traditional region

Bohemian Switzerland

Fusion of two cultures living next to each other – Czech and German – brought a Czech architectonic rarity, so-called semi-timbered house, into being. Beautiful wooden buildings, that immediately enchant your senses, enthuse you with their colourfulness, specific construction and segmented space. There is 1500 of such houses preserved in Bohemian Switzerland and once a year a so-called Day of semi—timbered houses is held, when you can take a look at these beautiful houses and explore them „from the cellar to the attic“.

Enjoy untraditional folk architecture and take delight in both originality and genius of the Czech craft same time.
You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.

Děčínská Jeřabinka (rowansberry spirit)

Regional product of a company Valdemar Grešík, located in Děčín. Berries of rowan tree, traditionally used in natural healing, are used to process this spirit. The spirit is popular for its beneficial digestion effect and as a remedy for colds. The Děčínská jeřabinka is recognizable for its unmistakeable zesty taste. Besides, no sugar is added.

Falkenštejn beer

Has been brewed in a newly opened Křinický brewery in Krásná Lípa since 2013. With an opening of the Křinice brewery in a former citizens house at the Křinice square, a tradition of the brewery in the Krásná Lípa town was restored after many decades.

Brewery Kocour – Varnsdorf

According to employes of the brewery Kocour (Tomcat), a beer can be drunk either according to a season, or to a mood. That's why this brewery has many beer specials in their assortment, from strong legars to various top fermented beers like wizen, stout, suasion and pale.

Map of Czech traditions