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Fairy-tale houses with a tradition

Decorated windows, door and gables talk about love the owners felt towards their houses. The semi-timbered house evolved from a combination of both Slavic and middle German types of houses. It used advantages of both construction methods. The timbered habitable part, where a heating was needed, kept the warmth, while the modest half-timbered section wasn't heated up and served as an area for sleep and an agriculture purpose. The sub frame itself is a sophisticated construction carrying the weight of the roof - or the floor, if the house has it – right down to the foundations. Thanks to this, the timbered room inside the sub frame carries only its own weight and can't collapse. To see the beauty with your own eyes is best, set out for Jetřichovice, Vysoká Lípa, Rumburk or Mezná and enjoy the view.

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