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Symbolic and ravishing traditions of Southern Bohemia

Štvertanec – Sword carol. The singing carollers dance in the circle with their swords. This has been Doudleby's custom for almost two centuries old, originating from the tradition of...

Stirring East Bohemia traditions

Walking a Judas. It was Jidáš (Judas), who betrayed, and a parade of boys 5-15 years old reminds that in almost 30 villages in Eastern Bohemia. On Holy Saturday, the boys cover one of them...

Frozen but cute carol

Štěpánská koleda in Studenec
Gathering of people started right after Mass in front of the presbytery. Carollers were given warm sausages and a tea, so their energy last the whole day of carolling, and set out to frosty...

Jízda králů (Ride of the Kings)

Without a crown, not even grown in a man yet, none the less he is a king... He rides a horse through a village with his entourage, dressed in women clothes, silent with a rose in his mouth and...

Dazzling Prague celebrations

Prague, alike all other regions, maintains its traditional celebrations. In this metropolis, you can regularly see a wide range of masopust (carnival processions) in single districts of Prague. ...

Symbolic and ravishing traditions of Southern Bohemia Traditional performance Stará Konopická in Šumava

Traditional performance Stará Konopická in Šumava. Originally, the Stará Konopická (The old hempen) used to be a parade of girls with maypoles in villages, and the celebration was completed...
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