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  • Krupka Museum, Tin mining exposition, Krupka
  • Sightseeing gallery Starý Martin, Horní Krupka
  • Mining museum, Jáchymov
  • Royal mint museum, Jáchymov
  • Boží Dar museum
  • Blatensko moat, Boží Dar
  • Former Mauritius mine - Nature trail Hřebečná
  • Museum of ore mining in Horní Blatná
Mining cultural landscape on both Czech and German side strive for entry on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Czech part of the Ore mountains presents a selection of six areas connected with mountain history of the area: a historical mining city Krupa with Starý Martin and the Mědník hill, a historical mining city Jáchymov, the Horní Blatná town with the Blatensko moat, sejpoviště (fields of sediments caused by mining) and the Mauritius Mine in Hřebečná.
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