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Fragile beauty of porcelain and glass

At the beginning of all, there was a leakage of a secret recipe for porcelain production from China. That's how a „porcelain battle“ between Vienna and Bohemia had started in the beginning of the 18th century. In West Bohemia there was a plenitude of a very high quality kaolin and also wood and coal for heating of kilns, but the Vienna manufacturing was so afraid of competition... However, persistence with a drop of illegality on our side allowed us to win the battle and at present, West Bohemia takes a pride in world famous pink or onion porcelain and also with 200 years old lasting tradition of renowned brands.

Savor every bite and every sip from Carlsbad porcelain; it's a true experience for your senses. Let yourself be carried away with fragile beauty of cut glass, which has been made in West Bohemia for almost 150 years and at present excels especially with luxury both drinks and decorative glass.

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