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Traditional region

Blata Region

Blata is a quite extraordinary region, which has been connected with traditional rural families since the old times. Their outbuildings, built in the Rural Baroque style, excel by their architectonic and urban value and the small village Holašovice is deservedly included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Hundreds of years old tradition of the fishpond cultivation and fishing just completes the magical atmosphere of Blata and if you can hear bagpipes, rhythmic musical instrument called Fanfrnoch or accordion playing, get your ears ready, and know that these music instruments had been made near you.
You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.

Vočepák (wedding cake)

Big wedding cake made of yeast-raised dough had a ceremonial purpose. The tradition has survived rather apart in family backgrounds. The symbolism of the cake has a pagan roots and is connected with fertility and prosperity.

Carp from Třeboňsko (carp with pedigree)

The meat of Třeboňsko carp is significant by its high quality, low percentage of fat and an unique taste. The specific quality of the meat is a result of breeding in quality clean water, natural and geographical conditions of Třeboňsko basin and the way of breeding, based on mainly natural food of carps.

Sýr Jihočeská niva (South bohemian cheese lea)

All current makers in ČR as a well-established term use Niva. However, only two brands, Jihočeská niva (South bohemian lea) and Jihočeská zlatá niva (South bohemian golden lea) have the EU trademark. The name Niva (Lea) was used, because the blue-green colour of the cheese reminds a fructuous lea.

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