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Traditional region

Krušné hory and Podkrušnohoří Region

Local tradition of ore mining is mirrored also in names of municipalities as Cínovec (cín=tin) or Měděnec(měď=copper). Metallurgy, ore and tin mining had belonged to the traditional living hood for inhabitants of Ore Mountains since the old times, and Pokrušnohorská brown ore basin only complements the region filled with underground treasures. The most significant Czech historical mining city was Jáchymov, which became famous in the 16th century, thanks to silver mining and following mintage of tolar (currency). A project Mountain region Krušnohoří, in cooperation with the both the České Krušnohoří area and the German part of Ore Mountains, strive for entry of this mining cultural landscape on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Perceive a breath-taking atmosphere of the Ore Mountains and enjoy it.

Traditions in region Krušné hory and Podkrušnohoří Region

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You can really savour the region thanks to local culinary specialities, traditional methods and ingredients. Let your senses flow in the unmistakeable fragrance and taste of local cuisine and enjoy.

Krušnohorská bramboračka (potato soup)

Potato soup with boiled potatoes and thyme.

Teplické spa wafers

Sold in several forms: as wafers with sprinkled or cream filling, or as triangles.

Elderberry soup

Soup from the Ore Mountains, of elderberry flowers, flavoured with a drop of wine, apple or raisins.

Bílinská kyselka (mineral water)

The Ústí nad Labem area is famous for its spa destinations and mineral waters. Recently, the unique Bílinská kyselka (acidulous water) goes through its revival, and same way a revitalization of the whole complex of the local mineral water bottling plant takes place.

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