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  • Wooden Church of Ascension Day in Dolní Marklovice
  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Albrechtice
  • Renaissance wooden church of Corpus Christi, Guty near Třince
  • Wooden Church of St. Nicholas in Nýdek
  • Wooden Church of St. Cross elevation in Bystřice
  • Wooden Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, Hrčava
For centuries, wood had been the most available building material in the rough and poor area of Beskydy. And so it happened, that the entire Moravskoslezské Beskydy, including their Těšín’s part, became areas, where there is most wooden buildings in the whole republic and today these folk buildings are the most valuable cultural heritage of the region. Twenty wooden churches in total are a part of the unique complex, that is considering their concentration, diversity and well preserved state of single buildings, regarded as a Central European rarity. Small wooden churches are also a testament of how skillful the local inhabitans, whose only assistants were axes, saws, hammers and draught horses, used to be. Following the six wooden churches trail in Těšínské Slezsko, we proceed from the north to the south, step by step discovering various faces of this unique folk architecture.
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