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  • Folk tradition and craft open-air museum in Bolatice
  • Pipe organ factory in Krnov, Pipe organ school
  • Slate extraction – city museum of Budišov nad Budišovkou
  • Žimrovice, Weisshuhn canal
How was the life like in times of our great grandfathers, when a hard work was the daily bread and a life was closely connected with the course of seasons, celebrations and ceremonies? You can learn more in the open-air museum in Bolatice. Many crafts and production methods are partly or fully forgotten nowadays. Still there are places, where you can get acquainted with the art of old masters, or more, you can meet contemporary masters, who follow the old tradition and in what they do, they are good, even successful. Follow a path, which will introduce you to the handicraft, which is rather unique than common nowadays. Get to know the pipe organ manufacture, slate processing and a traditional production of the paper.
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