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Production of rail Vehicles in Studénka

The beginning of rail vehicles production in Vagonka Studénka goes back to the beginning of the past century. In 1900, a bussinesman Adolf Schustala established a Joint Stock Company "Staudinger Waggonfabrik A.G." , headquarter in Butovice at Studénka. During the time of its existence the company had produced a wide range of different vehicles both for passangers and cargo rail transport and other products. The company exported even to very exotic countries, as India, Egypt, Turkey, Korea, and mainly to countries of former RVHP (Comecon).

In 2001 the production relocated to modernised workshops in Ostrava. The museum of Wagons in Studénka will show you the beginnings of the rail transport and the wagon production in our country, history of the company and a development of single parts of rail vehicles.

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