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Hat manufacturing

Tradition of the hat manufacturing in Kravařsko is connected with three families, three companies and three manufactories. In 1868, the company Hutfabrik Johann Hückel´s Söhne was established, which gained not only an extensive market on world markets, but also many awards on world exhibitions for their products in the second half of 19th century. As a first company in entire Habsburg Monarchy, they introduced a steam machine into the manufacturing process. A success of the Hückel factory impressed also a businessman Anton Peschel (1823–1885), the owner of a  steam mill in Šenov at Nový Jičín's. Peschel established his own hat factory between 1870–1871. The beginning of the 20th century in Nový Jičín is connected with an establishment of the third hat factory. In July 1912, shareholder company Böhm and Schlesinger was established.

The hat manufacturing is still alive in Nový Jičín and you can visit one of the biggest hat manufacturing museums in the world there. Enjoy strength of the tradition and let yourself be inspired.

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