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Ravishing and tender folklore

Dancers tread tenderly and softly at first, to change the dance into endless stream of energy full of jumps up to the sky later. Those are Verbuňk and Odzemek dances. The thrilling tradition of these male solo dances mesmerise your senses with their easiness and spontaneity.

Let yourself be guided to places, where traditions live forever, through the breath taking temperament of dancers with characteristic cymbal music accompaniment. Hops, jumps, squats, turns and frequent hand clapping, again and again in accelerating rhythm of cymbal or brass music. That is Moravian-Silesian Verbuňk – a male folk solo dance, reaching with the tradition back to the half of the 18th century, and which by rights became a part of the UNESCO World Heritage. At first, dancer sings one of Verbuňk songs, then he dances with his hands above his head and as the dance culminates, quantity of dance moves increases and becomes more and more challenging for the dancer. Verbuňk is a common part of life in many local families and its perfect mastering is inherited from father to son. Experience performances of the best Verbuňk dancers during Slovácko folklore festivals or at the world-famous folklore festival in Strážnice.

Valašský odzemek was included in the List of Nonmaterial Assets of Traditional Folk culture in Czech Republic in 2012. Thanks to the inclusion on this list, Valašský odzemek can now aspire for entry to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Valašský odzemek obuškový (baton) is a variation, when dancers use valaška. Valaška is a long, but very thin and light axe (shepherd's axe), which dancers hold in their hands during their dance and perform various movements and creations with it. In the past, valaška used to be called baton and even today, this name is considered as more suitable.

Let yourself be carried away by the spontaneity, beauty and improvisation of one of the most physically challenging and same time impressive dances, that is a privilege of the best only.

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