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Magical and rough Valašsko

Wallachian Open-air Museum bewitches you with its naturalness and tenderness. The open-air museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm represents a rare centre of the folk architecture. Founded in 1925 by Jaroňka siblings, it is the oldest museum of this type in the central Europe and the biggest open-air museum in the Czech Republic.  

Part of the museum consists of three big areals: Dřevěné městečko (The Woden Townlet), Mlýnská dolina (The Water Mill Valley) and Valašská dědina (Wallachian Village), where you can get acquaintance with traditional crafts, agriculture, livestock breeding, folklore and architecture. Visit one of the fairs, festivals, traditional craft and custom presentations, which are being held in the museum during whole year, and enjoy a specific atmosphere of the open-air museum. 
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