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  • Hanácký skanzen in Rymice
  • Zeman's smithy in Holajka, Holešov
  • Farriery - Hefaiston, Helfštýn castle (place of the event) Aug 29, 2015 - Aug 30, 2015
  • Farriery - Metal in town, Lipník nad Bečvou (place of the event) Jun 13, 2015 - Oct 30, 2015
Firm roots of a blacksmith tradition, that is still present in the region, lies in the everyday necessity of this craft. Záhoří is an area, where people used to be busy mostly in agriculture, which meant the way of livelihood, where the blacksmith skill is needed. Manufacturing of iron products, maintaince and repairs, without those Záhoř's inhabitants could hardly cultivate their soil. However, the smithy included also an aspect of magic, and that is why blacksmiths has always been respected men. If you want to get acquainted with an art of those, who ruled fire and iron, follow the hammer and anvil trail, that will lead you to an artistic meeting of blacksmiths Hefaiston, to exhibitions about the metal and at last but not least, to the Zeman's smithy in Holajka.
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