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Did you know, that Czech traditions smell like cinnamon, shine like fire, ring like bell, for the touch are soft and captivating in their unbridled strength? We offer unique guide to traditions of Czech countries, which are bearers of beauty, fame and energy. Enjoy the Czech traditions with all senses!

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Traditional production and crafts in Lašsko Region

Products as much different as Tatra cars, original top ceramics, tiles, cast iron art and enamel or leather goods, have their common ground. That is a skill and creativity of people from Lašsko...

Look for these place :

  • The Museum of Lašsko in Šustal Villa, Kopřivnice
  • Kopřivnice majolica, Museum of Lašsko Kopřivnice
  • Technical museum Tatra in Kopřivnice
  • Car production - Tatra Kopřivnice
  • Leather manufactory, thong and whips making - „Kožane město“, Metylovice
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