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Pour beer from a pitcher on a bench, and when it stabilizes, sit down. After another hour get up and your leather trousers must be glued to the bench. Only this way fine beer can be recognized. Today, you need neither leather trousers nor the extra hour, when you taste pilsen beer. Now the quality of local breweries is already granted and it's only up to you, what kind of beer is to your liking: wheat, yeast, Christmas, Easter, blueberry, honey, or even beer spirit… In 1942, Měšťanský pivovar (Citizen's brewery) opened its gate for the first time and a first brew of golden, sharp and exceptionally delicious low fermented beer – pilsen lager - was introduced to the world. In 1898 was registered a new, nowadays renowned, trade mark Pilsner Urquell (in Czech Plzeňský Prazdroj).

Visit breweries in Pilsen Region and tease your senses with their unbelievably wide range of beer.

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