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Shining underground treasures

Legends about foundation of a town Stříbro and its mining tradition differ, but the fact, that Stříbro's ore district is most probably the oldest historically proved mining area, is beyond discussion. The first oldest written record dates to 1183 and existence of mining settlement is recorded in Stříbro's městské knihy(town books-served for memorial, administrative etc. purposes) within 1362 - 1408. Since the end of the 18th century till 1908, town went through an age of the greatest boom and prosperity. The town Stříbro had been known not only in expert press and literature, but it also kept a high society prestige.

Visit one of mining museums or Mining Open-air Museum, where you can get acquainted with traditional mining processes and you will experience the atmosphere and magic of the mining tradition of Český les.

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