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Majestic timber rafting

Ahóóóóój, used to be a sound, you could hear on the south bohemian Otava and Vltava rivers for almost a century. It was a traditional greeting of rafters, the craft nobility, who had been navigating the wood from South Bohemia to Prague or even to Germany for long eight centuries. The rafts served to deliver not only the wood, but also salt, honey, stone, sand, graphite, pitch, charcoal, shingles, cheese from Třeboň, beer from Budějovice, glass products from Vimperk and other goods. Purkarec, the timber-rafting museum in Hluboká nad Vltavou, will introduce you to all details of the timber rafting tradition of South Bohemia. Let your senses float far away from troubles and enjoy this phenomenal era.

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