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  • Carnival, Dobrkovská Lhotka (place of the event)
  • Carnival, Komařice, Pašinovice (place of the event)
  • Doudleby's carnival procession with rose carol, Doudleby (place of the event) Feb 15, 2015
  • Carnival in České Budějovice (place of the event)
The carnival tradition, having pre-Christian roots, used to be common in cities and villages, today however survives in all its beauty in few locations of our republic only. In Doudlebsko Region, the carnival procession still remains full of life and belongs to the most significant customs of its kind in the Bohemia. Set off the journey and experience this unique folk celebration, carol as its said in Doudlebsko Region, and live a time full of revelry, customs and symbols. Take an opportunity to discover, what so-called růžičková koleda (rose carol) is.
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